In the world of mainstream media, blogs, vlogs, websites and social media; phrases or terms like toxic masculinity, hyper-masculinity, #MasculinitySoFragile, misogyny, sexism and homophobia are in my opinion often misused for the silliest of situations. Not in this case pertaining to the disturbing video below.

It has been scientifically proven that those who identify as heterosexual, who aggressively outwardly express anti-homosexual attitudes are usually attempting to hide and deflect their own bisexual or homosexual tendencies. I’m not saying this is the case here but it is very possible.

The disturbed individual who pointed his gun at the African American man exiting the store, who he referred to as a “dick in the booty ass nigga”,  goes by the  Twitter handle @Binswanson and his Facebook page is Flex Swan Finesse. His Twitter account under this handle has now been made private but not before the video uploaded went viral. 

He not only had to prove to those in the car with him how intact his masculinity is by speaking and displaying his disdain for homosexuals; he also was compelled to record the criminal act and share it with his 2000 plus followers and the world via social media. Once it went viral, he replied to the understandable outrage by stating, All the gay people mad. “I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit y’all saying I hate gay niggas save that shit.” He also went on to say in a Periscope video that he would have shot the man who was wearing the “tight” pants.

What you witnessed was masculine fragility. Even though the sexuality of the man who had the gun pulled on him is not known, this was gay bashing. This was bullying. This was menacing. Also on a small scale, this was terrorism.

idiot @Binswanson

The Detroit police department is actively investigating this incident so of course this hoodlum idiot is going to be arrested and possibly jailed. He possibly could even be prosecuted under Federal Hate Crime laws. Unfortunately this will add another Black body to the US prison industrial institutional system.

I could make this about homophobia in the Black community perpetrated by Black men but I don’t feel like reading a bunch of “white people do it too” comments, so I’ll finish with just two points.

First; why is it that gay-bashers cowardly hunt in packs? If you view non-heterosexuals as weaker than or easy targets, why not single handily commence the attack? Why is a group typically needed to harass, violate, physically attack and kill a homosexual? Shouldn’t a anti-homosexual masculine man be able to attack a homosexual without weapons, tricks, or sneak attacks on his own? Isn’t that a better way to show stronger hyper-masculine prowess?

Secondly, (and I know this is offensive to most) at what point can it be universally acknowledged that anti-non-heterosexual attitudes and resentments are rooted in religion? Anti-homosexual beliefs are taught and passed down from generation to generation. Even passive tolerance is just as much damaging. “Hate the sin (homosexuality), love the sinner” or “I’m against discrimination but I’m also against the Gay Lifestyle”, is still oppressive and dangerous. By the way, what the fuck is the “gay lifestyle”?

These attitudes and ideologies heard by the minds of non-heterosexuals at an early age can lead to psychological dysfunctions, depression, suicide, STI transmissions, substance abuse, self-hate and deceptions from being in the closet.

Worse, these attitudes continue to influence and contribute to violence inflicted upon homosexuals and transgenders such as the case with the massacre at the Pusle night club in Orlando, FL.

I’ve had a gun pulled on me during a carjacking, it’s surreal and terrifying. To the Black man in the video who had the gun pulled on him… stay strong brotha.   

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Detroit police are asking the victim or if you know the person with the gun to call 313-596-2200. Click Man points gun at person in suspected gay hate crime Twitter video to see the news report video of the story.