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CA Podcast #63 – The “Light Skin vs Dark Skin” Episode 

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss if Chiron in Moonlight was effeminate, would the film be as beloved by gay men (7:50), if Light Skin vs. Dark Skin colorism exists in the Black Gay Community (16:00), the notion of traveling just to hook-up with unknown or exotic, foreign men (37:10) and their experiences of “going limp” during sex (49:40).

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Kiki n’ Brunch 

As my blogging history suggets, I usually don’t subscribe to and reject the cult of HIV activism and LGBTQ  PrEP awareness; for reason that can be reviewed at: Is Gay Culture Normalizing HIV? National HIV Testing Day; Who Cares? Does HIV Really Matter Anymore? Despite…

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Fuck You Valentine’s Day 

You’re at work and notice all the flowers, balloons and shit folk are getting on Valentine’s Day. You over hear their plans of after work romantic dinners, while little cherubs dance and fly about with glee.  WHO CARES? Valentine’s Day is definitely not a favorite…