What the hell are we thinking. Not only is it a full time job to update this website and sporadically record interviews for mass consumption, now we’re attempting to broadcast a live podcast?! But Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy are KINGS! Fear is for cowards and we are far from that. So if we’re gonna fail, it’ll be in public for all of the world to see.

This Saturday, Sept 21 2013 at 1:30pm, we’re stepping out into the unknown to not only go live with a podcast, but also take calls from our fans. Whuuuuuuuuuut?

We’re really new to this so there may be a better way to accomplish this, but for this first show we’ll be using of Cypher Avenue Ustream channel to broadcast the show (no video, just audio) and we’ll take calls/questions/comments via our Skype account (CypherAvenue).

If anyone knows a better way, please share it with us. For some reason there is a huge delay on Ustream so it may get wonky for those listening in….This is not our area of expertise so we expect some bumps along the way until we perfect the process. Consider this the Beta release of the live podcast.

Our topic for the show will be one that is broad but open to a lot of interesting discussion: Relationships, Sex, Dating & Down Low Denial as Modern Masculine Gay Men. What does that even mean? Well, we feel that show many other (awesome) websites, bloggers and video commentators never really speak on the sex/dating experience specifically from the view of masculine gay men. Or even bisexuals. Or even men who are more reserved or private and not heavily into the gay scene. We’re here to offer that perspective through conversation as well as questions from our Cypher Avenue members.

If you’re on Skype, call us up before the show (from 1-1:30pm) so we can add you to the call queue. This podcast will be AUDIO ONLY, no video. If you’re worried about privacy and/or anonymity, create a new account on Skype specifically for this podcast.

Otherwise just jump on the Cypher Avenue Activity Stream or Twitter and leave a question for us there, we’ll be watching the feed as we record the show.

 Should be a lot of fun, see you on Saturday!