Did You Know There is a Not-So-Secret Racist Twitter Code?

By OckyDub | Posted Oct 2 2016 | 2 Comments  


White supremacists, white racists and the alt-right has created a racist code in attempts to dodge censorship and reporting of offensive language on Twitter. Well the racist decoder ring has been discovered.


Of course the racists and “baskets of deplorables” have put the code to good use.

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Why the code words “Google,” “Skype,” and “Bing”? The idea originated on the online message board 4chan, Buzzfeed reported. Dubbed “Operation Google,” the suggestion was that using the word “Google” as a replacement for a derogatory term for Black people would force the search engine giant to filter out its own name.




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  1. sydney
    sydney | November 3rd, 2016

    Well seems like Trump is going to win. It’s not like blacks are coming out in droves.

  2. ColumbusGuy
    ColumbusGuy | November 3rd, 2016

    Well seems like Trump is going to win. It's not like blacks are coming out in droves.

    If he wins it will be because of stupid brainwashed whites turning out in higher numbers in Duh-hio and Flori-duh I think. I hope we are both wrong and he loses in those states and Virginia, North Carolina, etc. as well. Jebus help us all if his orange ass gets in. I really hope he gets hit and killed by a runaway car or something. I know that it is terrible to hope for someone's death but I desperately want him NOT in the White House just that badly.

    If Trump wins it will be the fault of whites, not blacks. Blacks do not need this albatross of Trump around their necks….us whites will be to blame…Hillary needs to pull out every. damn. trick(and I know the bytch has learned many over the years and I don't care what she needs to do now-she just needs to do it)and win. this. shyt.

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