While in my employer’s large lounge area, I had the displeasure of my casual tablet web surfing down time being disrupted by two trendy gay guys and a hag. Their animated conversation began with how “these ni@@as aint shit” and are “lame as fuk”. One gay dude began to loudly fill the other two in on a recent date by stating, “…girl let me tell yall about this lame ass ni@@a I had a date with this the other night.” Hmm, I was assuming that we were supposed to be in a professional environment where one should be aware of their surroundings and monitor their language but ok.

Before I could find my head phones in my backpack next to me I over heard him say, “girl he had the nerve to come pick me up in a Prius!? How you a grown ass man and you driving a lil-bitty-ole Prius? Bitch you need to have you a grown man car if you coming to my spot.”


Then they all began to cackle at his statement…and here I thought only Texans and West Virginians hated Priuses?

I put my headphones on, waited another minute and removed myself from their aura of fuckeries. My exit didn’t stop me from trying to understand their sentiments.

I mean I know it’s a gender stereotype that women desire men with fancy cars due to its representation that they’re successful and therefore could be good providers. I also know gay culture stereotypes are grounded in femininity and mirror heterosexual women. Regardless, our country has survived a recession and many people are living check to check, how is what a man drive even relevant? Also how is a Prius “not a grown man’s” car? I thought gay liberals loved Priuses…maybe it’s a culturally thing…meaning white gays can see a Prius as a “grown man’s” car? Maybe in Black (GAY) culture if one is to have an echo-friendly electric car it must be a Tesla?

Personally, I’ve never gave a damn – while single or in a relationship – what car the other man was driving. For me I’ve always associated this as a feminine or materialistic trait that had nothing to do with the quality of the man. Just like me, he had a car he could afford or was comfortable with.

I know we’re currently in (and will be for the foreseeable future) a world society that is steeped in materialism and greed. Nonetheless, when it comes to LGBTQ (liberal) culture; how are we in a place where we’re accepting of men being secure and empowered enough to wear dresses but not accepting of a man being secure enough with his masculinity to drive a Prius?


**Note: According to Latin experts, the plural form of Prius is Priuses and not Prii. **