Sometimes while dating or in relationships things can get habitual and mundane.  Before you know it, it’s the usually dinner and a movie then back to the house for drinks.  Yawn.  Why not turn it up a notch and do something different from your normal weekend routine?  Whether dating or in a relationship, it always helps to try to make things fun and interesting.  Check out the below eight ideas that may can break up some of the monotony.

1. Play A Game

Trapped in doors?  Play a game. Board games, video games, card games, shooting pool; you name it.  Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “this could get boring fast” but why not make it interesting by placing bets on the outcome.  Maybe the loser has to run to the end of the block naked?  Well just use your own judgment here.


22. Go To The Gun Range

I know this isn’t for everyone. Whether you have your own personal firearm or have never fired one before, why not take a trip to the gun range?  If it’s just to practice and brush up on your skills or just to fire off something the gun range has for use in stock; going to a gun range can be a fun and unique date.  Regardless if you are a gun lover or not firing a gun can be an exhilarating experience. Thanks to Nick Delmacy for this idea.


33. Go Outside & Play

Come on guys.  We have to expand our horizons and find something to do besides indoor activities and only venturing outside to cook on the grill. Find a local national park or hiking trail to just get away from the city.  Get some fresh air and take in nature.  Or find a local park and toss a football or frisbee around.  Hell, if it’s windy fly a kite.  I would suggest avoiding parks that act as the cruising or hook up spots.  You don’t want to run into a past fling or an Ex when you’re out on a date.


44. Go To An Amusement Park

This is another suggestion that I know isn’t for everyone.  Many people have a fear of heights.  However if you are a mini-thrill-seeker, the adrenaline rush from riding roller coasters is a blast.  Have you noticed you rarely see people who are not smiling or laughing when they get off a roller coaster? Why?…Because it’s fun.  An added plus is that amusement parks are great for people watching.


55. Take A ManCation

Take a trip to Las Vegas.  Plan a fishing trip.  What about a beach or cabin get away?  Being able to travel and relax and just be a dude with your dude is the greatest.  What about an in-town ManCation?  Rent a hotel room for the weekend and get massages or manicures and pedicures together. Side Note: In my opinion, I think traveling should be reserved for men who have been dating for a couple of months or are in a full fledged relationship.


66. Go To A Sporting Event

NFL, College Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, oh and don’t forget boxing or MMA.  Testosterone filled sporting events are always perfect for a date. You don’t have to be a follower or fan of any of the competing teams or players in order to enjoy the experience and environment.  Sporting events are another activity that is good for people watching.


77. Go To A Museum

Yep…you can experience a little culture and education while still having fun.  Regardless if its art, science, heritage, natural history, space or aviation; museums can evoke emotions and wonder.  Why not make a date to view a Picasso, look at enormous dinosaur fossils, or be mesmerized by the wonders of the universe.  You would be surprised at what philosophical conversations you and your date can have as a result.


8. Make A Scrap Book

This would definitely be more geared towards those in a relationship.  What better way to reminisce over your adventures when you two were dating by making a date to make a scrap book. However keep in mind; I’m not talking about your Grandma’s family style scrap book with lace and dollies.   Keep it simple by purchasing a regular photo album that will not only house photos you have taken together but items from activities you have done together as well.  For example; old ticket stubs from movies, concerts, football games, etc.  Or what about a receipt from a hotel stay or a car rental receipt from a past road trip?  It’s your scrap book, so do what you want.  My partner and I actually have matching scrap books that we share with family and friends or if we are feeling really mushy we can look at them together when we are on the phone and just laugh.

So what do you think of these ideas?  What are some of your interesting ideas for spicing up your dates?