About a month ago, being a comic book head, I saw the movie, “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”. This movie is a biopic about Harvard psychologist and inventor Dr. William Moulton Marston. I am eager to learn about fascinating people and Dr. Marston is absolutely one of those people. He invented the lie detector test, was a successful self-help author, and a loving husband to his wife Elizabeth. The fun fact is that the couple later brought in another woman (Olive Byrne) into their relationship. This was more than a “sister wife” situation for both William and Elizabeth connected , fell in love, and were sexual with Olive.

They lived their lives discreetly. This relationship was long term as they continued to live their lives privately. Dr. Marston had children with both women so this was a secretly blended family. The neighbors believed that Olive and her son was brought into the Marston home as a goodwill gesture to a widowed woman and orphaned child. Even after Marston’s death , the women continued to remain together for another 38 years until Olive’s death at age 81. Elizabeth lived to be 100 years old.

The two women in his life inspired him to create the comic book character Wonder Woman. His comic, at the time, drew much criticism and was very controversial because of the way the character was overly-sexualized and scantily clad while some of the comic’s stories had situations of sadomasochism. This was taboo and ultra unconventional for the American public in its Golden Age.

After viewing the movie, there was pensive wonder about sexuality and its spectrum. The Kinsey scale, created by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in 1948, was a point of reference in measuring human sexuality. I hold these facts to remain self evident as all men are equated equal… equal with a “freak” number attached.

Bisexuality legitimately exists. Having romantic and sexual attraction to both sexes is actual. Being bi(sexual) is just not a safe word to use when you are actually a 6 on the Kinsey scale. I was married when I was 20 yrs. old and it lasted for nearly 3 years. The motivation , love, and attraction to do so at so young of an age was real and not a fool-hearty. We decided to divorce because our life pathways began to move in two separate directions. We both finished undergrad , however, she had designs to get her Masters in another state after I received a nice job offer which was local. Theologian Albert Schweitzer said it best, “If you love something so much let it go. If it comes back it was meant to be; if it doesn’t it never was.” There’s maturity in that affirmation and it was a process for me. I continued to wear that gold band even when I relocated to Atlanta and through a year and a half after. It was then, while independent, I decide to wade a little into the man pond.

My intro was with A4A (Adam4Adam). I get bored dumb easy so my online experience was short lived and I was super cautious how I was moving on there. I chatted with a total of five guys from the site and met only two. One from the two was someone whom I really connected with and the compatibility was truly authentic. In fact, we started hanging out regularly, had big fun, and the sex was off tha meter. Later, there were some forced revelations as doubts began to surface which caused him to push me further away. I didn’t understand much of it at the time. During this confusion, I found myself doing nonsensical things like driving to his apartment just to see if he’s home hoping to catch a glimpse of him and on the flip side, once I waited outside in my car an hour, to see if another nikka was going to step out his apartment based on a “funny feeling” I got. That is some ill shyt to do at two different extremes and , to me, a demonstration of a loss of control. I never did anything crazy like causing damage to property or any act of revenge. That isn’t love that is possessiveness; people aren’t objects. One thing is that I just didn’t like feeling that way so I did  the work to change my outlook, perspective, and feelings. It’s about the connection – that special feeling that connects your heart, your mind,and feelings. Sometimes there’s no control who stimulates you in that. However, control is your responsibility and within your aim to maintain without losing your head.

So, shout out to Teyana Taylor and Iman Shupert who recently discussed on The Breakfast Club about the couple sometimes bringing in another woman into the bedroom for mutual playtime. It’s one sided to think seeing two women together for the pleasure of a hetero male but if the woman wanted the same experience with two men then there’s a problem. I would love to see that image in mainstream and not just a pornhub video involving  bi Brazilians.

There’s an adult male performer by the name Jax Slayher. His scenes vary from solo performances to gangbang scenes with a female lead to  a few cuckold scenes. There’s one solo scene with Jax where he uses a dildo on himself for assplay though he’s a straight identified male. Anal sex with the female lead is no longer taboo and in recent years, it is common to see the male actor get his “salad tossed” by the female lead.

“Traditional” roles in sex are unfurling into simply experiencing pleasure. The cool thing about sex is that you can explore and try things as long as you keep an open mind. Being too closed is a negative as you are denying the possibility of the experience. Trust the try especially if you feel something. This lends to why men remain closeted , don’t express their feelings/emotions and feel trapped in a mundane life. Can you imagine if men allowed themselves permission to truly feel and go with the feeling? [Then], that Kinsey number could slide up to a 1 or maybe up to a 4. What do the squad think about this subject?