Halloweeen Month is in full effect here at Cypher Avenue! And what kind of self-respecting geek culture website from the perspective of gay men would we be without speaking about A Nightmare on Elm Street’s infamous gay secret?

That’s right. One of the Freddy Krueger movies is gay…like REALLY gay.

The first sequel to the 1984 horror hit A Nightmare on Elm Street titled “Freddy’s Revenge” is infamous for its’ blatant homosexual overtones throughout the entire film. What’s most shocking is that the filmmakers, actors and producers had NO IDEA that what there were doing would be perceived as gay in anyway.

Even with obvious clues like this “No Chicks Allowed” sign on the main character’s bedroom door:


Or the numerous shots of male nudity:



Or even with the scenes in a gay leather bar:


Or that lead protagonist Jesse Walsh was played by an openly gay actor (Mark Patton):


In “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy,” an awesome documentary about the making of every film and television series in the franchise, the actors and filmmakers finally come clean about the gayest horror film ever made.

I have to admit that when I saw this film as a kid, I didn’t really like it. The next episode in the series, “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors,” was the film that made me a huge fan of the franchise.

However, after seeing this documentary and learning about the subliminally gay overtones, I think I may have to re-examine “Freddy’s Revenge”!