Cypher Avenue’s BEST GAY ARTIST OF 2013 has officially dropped his first music video. Rapper Lasto continues his return to prominence with visuals to go along with the fantastic debut album “Where’s Vivian” that he released late last year.  Directed by Micheal Chow, the video features Lasto as a killer “murdering” the competition while performing the song, “Pour a 40.”

Its a strange choice on 2 levels.

First: It’s odd that he would choose such a dark, disturbing tone for his very first music video ever, EVER. Is this an indication that the artist is in a dark place musically, professionally, personally? I kinda would have preferred it if he went cheap and just shot the video with him in a smoke-filled room with his friends getting Turnt Up, Chief Keef house arrest style. 

Second: The up-tempo “trap music” head-banger feel to the song isn’t quite matched in the video. It felt to me that this treatment, tone and calm editing style would have been more fitting for Lasto’s song “Barcelon,” a track where Lasto also explains why he’s better than his rap competition.

This is all just my opinion. Either way, its good to see Lasto join the new era with awesome music and crispy videos shot in High Definition. I’m sure this is the beginning to us seeing a lot from the artist throughout 2014. And look at that, he’s even got a VEVO channel on YouTube. How official is that?

In case you’re still not caught up on his work, Lasto’s the 16-track album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Check out his first official music video below: