Making the news cycle is a video of a man who says he was beaten because he was gay. Naturally folks are saying this should be prosecuted as a hate crime. Check out the video below.

This fight took place during the Detroit Motor City Pride festival from this past weekend. The video shows Christin Howard attempting to fight off a group of little bastards who look like they weigh 100lb as they punch tackle and kick him. Howard says the attack was unprovoked and that he was getting a picture taken with a friend when the young men started circling, commenting on his long hair, calling him homophobic slurs and threatening violence. You can view Howard’s version of events here.

Honestly, all these dudes look gay. I couldn’t tell who was gay and who wasn’t. I mean check out the dude in the blue and white tank top with the pink pocket…come on, that shit is gay as hell (no homo). I have to be real and tell the truth; I have seen gay dudes in public arguing or fighting each other while hurling homophobic slurs like bitch, fag, queen and would throw in an “N-Word” or two just for good measure.

Okay…hold your breath. What I’m about to say will completely shock some Cypher Avenue readers. What you are witnessing in the video is insecure faux hyper-masculine homosexual/bisexual boys who are diverting their insecurities towards a more open and flamboyant gay man. If you all are not aware, gay dudes can be bullies too. Sexuality does not exempt one from being a nasty, rude, crude jerk or asshole. To the young men in the video, know if you can’t fight one-on-one, you’sa pussy. If you are going to taunt a queen or transgender, don’t be afraid to get you ass whipped by one. Second, the world has now seen your faces and regardless if you are prosecuted for a hate crime or not, you are now in the system because of your violent stupid choices.

Nonetheless I ask; is gay dudes beating up one another a hate crime now? Feel free to share your thoughts