So if you haven’t seen @Ockydub’s naked spa post, this is what spawned this topic.  You may want to watch that first for context here.

I have seen some friends in various states of undress. I do not think that it is a big deal. Though I found it interesting how it was such a big deal for the one guy (Casey) in the video to see his friends junk. We gay men, well most of us, see naked dudes all the time. It doesn’t mean it has to sexual though. I found it interesting how the guy who was cool with it (Bart) was like “oh yeah we saw whats his face’s dick ” cause I’m thinking: ok, dude, who I assume is straight, do you remember all of the details of old boy’s bits? Lol Well he did recall the thigh lions.

“We’re not homies unless we’ve seen each other’s dicks. ” – Bart Kwan


I think things are only weird if you make them weird. Now, considering the guys in the video were going to the Korean spa where nudity is expected, this context would be acceptable. Or for that matter you all went to the pool, beach, gym etc and you needed to change clothes in near each other either before and or after. Or hell Y’all could be at sex party or nude beach if that’s your thing.


I’m not a nudist but I think sometimes people can make a bigger deal about nudity than needed. As long as there’s no cameras and recording going on, I’m cool. I also think that when we are blasted with images of guys who have ‘perfect’ bodies, that if you are average, thin, or overweight, body acceptance can be hard if you don’t fit that thin lane of what’s considered generally attractive. Then, you may feel a little bit jealous of your friends who may be in better shape or have bigger schlongs or phatter asses. Which, I think, should not be an issue. They are your friends. You’re not in a romantic relationship with them for these things to mater. Don’t forget,that even those ‘perfect body’ guys have insecurities as well though. We never know what people may be confident on or insecure about until they express it even if we’d think they have every reason to want to hide or be proud.

There’s definitely different opinions/comfort levels here which could be based on what you’re used to. Maybe for religious reasons you may not see other nude males. Or you are used to it because you played a team sport and the team used open communal showers. So you are used to seeing dicks and asses swinging and jiggling in the wind. However in the video mentioned, I got the impression that they were all just bonding as friends. You could tell that their being nude at the jjimjilbang wasn’t even a big deal to anyone.

Though, I imagine that someone out there in cyberland probably has turned pouring ice cold water on their penis into a fetish.


So, have you seen your friends nude? Was it weird? Was it no big deal?