Hey horror fans! Award winning filmmakers James Peoples and Cayman Grant have launched a new Indiegogo fundraising campaign for their upcoming Feature Film, The Boy. 


“The Boy” is a horror/thriller about how far one African family will go to save their son from the demons that they believe he is possessed by. When immigrant parents start to notice disturbing behavior in their only son, they call on a local tribal healer to rid their son of the “demon.” After a grueling ritual we learn that nothing is what it seems and their son may not be possessed after all – he’s just gay.

Will the family believe he was simply born this way or will they continue with a ritual that could result in the boy’s death? Dark, mysterious and horrific are just a few of the words that describe the rituals depicted in this film.


Interesting premise however I hope we get more details on the characters (specifically, the title character) to draw us in even more. How old is the “boy?” What exactly is the gay “disturbing behavior” witnessed that causes the parents to call an exorcist? Is this just a re-imagining of a typical “down low” tale?

Either way, its good to see filmmakers stepping out of the box with stories featuring black gay characters by actually experimenting with other genres. I doubt very much that “The Boy” has four gay best friends or lives with 2 gay roommates in a spacious downtown LA, NYC or ATL apartment.

Their modest goal of $15,000 for an entire feature film has a deadline on March 8th, 2014. So donations anywhere from $5 to $5,000 can be accepted until then.

Unlike Kickstarter, the filmmakers will be able to keep all of the funds that they raise up until that date, even if they don’t make their goal. I’m sure throughout the next month we’ll be seeing more details released on the film’s Facebook Page to help promote the fundraiser (such as casting breakdowns, actors, interviews, etc).

Not surprising, one of the filmmakers (James Peoples) is a regular reader and commenter on Cypher Avenue so we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on this film to see how it further develops!

Filmmakers James Peoples and Cayman Grant