From online multi-player death matches, to one on one combat fighting to killing giant alien insects. I think it’s safe to say I love the fantasy world of video games. The hours that I have spent being shocked, enraged and entertained by Xbox and Xbox 360 are countless.  As a somewhat loyal fan (I have a PS3) I was excited about seeing the new Xbox One.

The One

I am glad to see the names Xbox 720 and Durango were just rumors.  The name “Xbox One” is telling because Microsoft is setting out to make this new next generation machine “your one stop shop” for entertainment. Launching worldwide November 2013, analysts have predicted it will cost between $300 and $500 usd, so start saving your money now.

Outside of playing video games, the Xbox One will allow you to play Blue Ray Discs, utilize Skype (via Kinect), watch live Cable
TV, listen to music, search the entertain, stream shows and videos via Netflix and Hulu and record video content on its built in DVR.  The built in DVR means you will not need to lease one from your cable subscriber.  All these features can be accessed and utilized by voice commands!



Through voice recognition you will be able to instantly turn the console on by saying “Xbox On.”I personally will be imitating Samuel L. Jackson and CT Fletcher by saying “Turn on Mutha Fucka!”  It also has a feature called instant switching that lets users switch from gaming, TV and Web browsing seamlessly. A new feature called “Snap mode” lets users run multiple programs at the same time, including making Skype calls in high-definition.

Skype sex on a big flat screen in HD….Hmmmm

Aesthetically, the Xbox One looks good.  The black and muted gray can easily blend in to your TV stand and other electronics.  It does seem like this new Xbox should not be stood vertical as all the pictures have it horizontal.The Xbox One comes with an upgraded controller. Microsoft says the new device has 40 new design innovations, including impulse triggers, Wi-Fi direct radio stack, integrated battery compartment and a precision directional pad.


The console will come with 8 gigabytes and will run on three systems in one: Xbox operating system, Windows Kernel and a
combination of the two that enables multitasking.Xbox Live will be updated to support the new cloud-based features.  Microsoft will have 300,000 servers on hand for the Xbox One, up from 3,000 servers for Xbox 360. Good Lawd!


A partnership has been announced with film director Steven Spielberg and 343 industries to create an exclusive TV show of the blockbuster title “Halo.”

I am thinking this may be exclusive to Xbox Live subscribers, the same way “House of Cards” is for Netflix.

The NFL is also partnering to create a fully immersive experience that lets fans switch between watching a game to checking fantasy football statistics using SmartGlass and Kinect. Smart move!


BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GAMES?  For most of the upcoming titles we will have to wait a little while longer until E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in June.  However we were given the news on some (trailers below).

EA announced its collaboration with Microsoft to ensure Xbox One is the home platform for their major sports franchises. That includes FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, and UFC. Each of these will be powered by EA’s new Ignite Engine, one focused on detailed animations and reactive, dynamic AI and interaction with the sports field and fans.

Xbox One will be home to a new generation of Forza, the latest entry simply titled Forza Motorsports 5.  Forza continues to be the car driving game of pure beauty and a long list of awesome automobiles.
Call of Duty: Ghosts the latest game will have new game play featuring faster character motion.  This is all capable due to a new engine still aiming for 60fps (frames per sec) and low controller latency. DLC content will be timed exclusive on Xbox One’s release.

Now that the wait is almost over, what do you think?  Feel free to share your feedback.