How Do You Change a Homophobic Mind?

By LeMignon | Posted Jul 22 2016 | 12 Comments  


I think anyone who’s gay and Black has had to face backlash. I recently came across the below meme on social media.


I grew up with the subconscious knowledge that gay is wrong. It has always been implied when I was coming up. However, my own research and curiosity led me to knowing that gay isn’t wrong. Cypher Avenue has been a tremendous help in that regard too. 

However, I still encounter homophobia in my everyday life via in person, on Facebook, or even at family dinners. I’ve argued against it time and time again, but I’d like some help or advice on how to handle these situations in the future. 

What is the best way to engage in and possibly change the mindset of homophobic friends / associates or family members? Do you even think it’s possible?

How do you, or should you personally respond to homophobic memes (like the one above) within social media groups or circles?



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  1. Jdudre | July 22nd, 2016
  2. Rico
    Rico | July 22nd, 2016
  3. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus-Brooks | July 22nd, 2016
  4. DreG
    DreG | July 23rd, 2016
  5. JohnDoe
    JohnDoe | July 23rd, 2016
  6. LeMignon
    LeMignon | July 23rd, 2016
    • 850famuman
      850famuman | July 23rd, 2016
  7. Tyroc
    Tyroc | July 23rd, 2016
  8. ColumbusGuy
    ColumbusGuy | July 23rd, 2016
  9. Dante
    Dante | July 26th, 2016
  10. JohnDoe
    JohnDoe | July 27th, 2016
  11. ColumbusGuy
    ColumbusGuy | July 27th, 2016

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