I recently watched two YouTube videos made by two different personalities in the black gay community.  What Happened To All The Masculine Black Gay Men, featured commentary from Walter Lee Hampton and the other, Are Masculine Gay Men Becoming Extinct featured commentary from transgendered Ms. Chanel.  Both used “real life” situations or observations to pose their questions in the videos.

I found it interesting that basically the same questions were coming from two different and almost opposite ends of the gay spectrums. Mr. Hampton is from a more masculine perspective and Ms. Chanel from a more feminine perspective.  Both brought into question what seems like a lack, shortage, or disappearance of masculine black gay men.

From Mr. Hampton’s experience he noticed that the gay men in the clubs are a lot more effeminate than 20 years ago.  They seemed more embracing and self-identifying with all things fem. While Ms. Chanel talks about her observation while looking at Reality TV; she states that the women in these shows use effeminate black gay men (who dress in high heels and carry hand bags) as their personal fashion accessories.  She implies that these portrayals of effeminate men in the media reinforces that to be gay is to be fem.  Honest commentary and questions by both especially from Ms. Chanel.

If there is a shortage or lack of masculine black gay men, is that a positive or negative thing?  I am all for allowing people to be who they are but in our overall society are men in general becoming softer or more feminized? 

I recently mentioned to a coworker (let’s call him Fred) that I went fishing in Florida and he called me a “rugged outdoorsman”. Scratching my head thinking to myself “men and women go fishing” but this comment coming from Fred made sense.  Keep in mind I am not aware of Fred’s sexual orientation (don’t know, don’t care); however he is a city born and raised metro sexual who wears high-water skinny leg pants, tight polo shirts with bow ties and dress shoes with no socks.  This attire alone doesn’t make one masculine or feminine but in this case, Fred in my opinion is “soft”.  Of course there is nothing wrong with being soft and Fred is a nice guy but his disposition and demeanor is what it is.

Maybe the metro sexual feminization and softening of men is why many believe that there is masculine privilege within the gay community.  I recently presented this as a Question Of The Week and many felt that when it comes to dating and sex, masculinity is highly sought after.  Could it be because masculinity is low in abundance?  I have always felt in the gay community effeminate men far outnumber masculine men.  However if the scales of balance are beginning to weigh even more heavily towards the “effeminate” side, I do feel this will have a negative impact and weaken homosexual diversity.  If effeminate gay men have more representation through numbers this can equal more outlets created by and catering to their interests; in turn masculine gay men could have even fewer outlets that cater to their needs and interests, thus their voices being marginalized.

What’s your opinion? Are gay men becoming more effeminate? Is it reaching epidemic levels in younger and younger black gay men?  Why does it seem like there is a strong self-identifying aversion to masculinity but strong self-identifying attraction to femininity in black gay men? Does it have to do with over 70% of children being raised in single families without fathers or male figures in the homes?  Again what do you think?

You can view the videos below that were used as reference from Mr. Hampton and Ms. Chanel. Please try to refrain from insults or nasty comments about the authors of the videos.  Let’s be respectful and add to the discussion.