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Undisputed Discusses Colorism 

Fox Sports’ Undisputed continues to show why they’re superior to ESPN’s First Take. Recently host Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless talked with Chris Broussard about why Steph Curry doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the league in part due to him being “light skin”….


But White People Do It Too 

We do know that homophobia and intolerance exist in the black community right?…right. However I feel that whenever there is media coverage or a high trafficked article pertaining to this topic, the knee jerk response from many black people is “but white people do it…

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Does HIV Really Matter Anymore? 

Cypher Avenue has written many posts about HIV / AIDS awareness in communities of color, so we know the statistics. Some stats may have been eye openers; however I have been seeing negative stats for years. So when it comes to new surveys or new information concerning homosexual men and HIV transmission, my attitude is somewhat “okay, what else is new?”

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FILM REVIEW: The Ending 

  {rating}   Directed by: David Eduardo Flores Perez Written by and Starring: Seek The POET Featuring: Jarid Manos   “The Ending” synopsis: “A poignant spoken word piece that addresses sexual addiction, stigma, and homophobia.  In this independent short film the main character played by…