While our new forum community on The Boards has been growing over the last few months, we’ve realized that our Squad Members desired a more private area on Cypher Avenue to share stories, questions, photos and personal information with the more active contributors.

So site co-founders Nick Delmacy and Octavius Williams have heard our Squad members concerns and have created a new Hidden Area on The Boards called The Locker Room. It’s a private section on the forums for guys to post personal, sensitive, NSFW content or just to have discussions amongst the most active users only.

View The Locker Room here:

Access to The Locker Room will be reserved for people who are active members and meet certain minimal criteria. Yes, the requirements will be high but that is to encourage more participation and to assure the All Access Squad Members that people viewing this area are high-level users. For the readers that feel the requirements are too high, they can continue to view the rest of the site as usual. Nothing will change there.

We don’t want this area to replace activity on the rest of The Boards, just to be a section for post that require a little more privacy (well, as much privacy as you can have on the Internet).


1.) Shooting The Shit: Section for threads too personal/private for public consumption. This includes face pic photos and personal information that members want to share with others but don’t want displayed publicly for non-members to see. This section will only visible to Squad Members with All Access Privileges.

2.) Personal Advice: Section for Squad Members to ask sensitive Life, Sexuality and Relationship related questions to active Squad Members. This section will only visible to Squad Members with All Access Privileges.

3.) NSFW Thirst Traps: Section for Squad Members to post nudity and non-pornographic photos and videos (no gifs of men having sex or jacking off), the only area where this type of content is allowed. All nude and sexually suggestive content must be placed within “Spoiler Tags” where users must click on a button to reveal the images. This section will only visible to Squad Members with All Access Privileges.

4.) NSFW Sex and Adult: Section for No-Holds-Barred private adult discussions on Sex related topics, this includes posting of non-pornographic nude images within Spoiler Tags. This section will only visible to Squad Members with All Access Privileges.

More private sections may be added at All Access Squad Members’ requests.


To gain access to The Locker Room users must meet these 5 minimum requirements.

– Must have uploaded an avatar.

– Must have been a member for at least 30 days.

– Must have created at least 15 Featured Threads on The Boards.

– Must have made at least 150 comments.

– Must have received at least 150 Daps from other Squad Members.

While we greatly appreciate all monetary donations from Squad Members, contributing to Cypher Avenue will not grant instant access to The Locker Room.

These requirements may change at any time based on user feedback.

If there are any questions regarding this new section, please feel free to contact the team at: