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By OckyDub | Posted Oct 29 2014 | 21 Comments  

BOXERSI’ve been around the block a couple of times and have seen a couple of penises in my day; mostly circumcised and a few uncircumcised. In my early 20s I did have the unfortunate displeasure of coming across a smelly, cheesy uncircumcised penis. Not cool!

I felt bad for the young man I encountered with this affliction. With no adult male figure around growing up, there was no one to teach him how to properly clean himself. Years of neglect caused bacteria growth, a milky appearance (smegma build up) but also a bad smell. Making matters worse was that he could not properly pull back his foreskin which lead to excessive pain, swelling and inflammation (balanitis) around the head of his penis.

Balanitis is common, and it can occur at any age. It more commonly affects boys aged under four years and also men who have not been circumcised. About one in 25 boys and about one in 30 uncircumcised men are affected with balanitis at some time in their life. It is very uncommon in men who have been circumcised.

A great but underrated resource providing health advice is blackdoctor.org. An article on this matter goes into some detail about how to properly clean your circumcised and uncircumcised penis. An excerpt is below;

Gently wash the penis with warm water each day when you’re having a shower or bath. If you have a foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath.

If you don’t wash underneath the foreskin correctly, a cheesy-looking substance called smegma may begin to gather. Smegma is a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist. It’s found on the head of the penis and under the foreskin. If smegma builds up in the foreskin, it can start to smell, stop you from easily pulling your foreskin back and become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause redness and swelling of the head of your penis, called balanitis.

If you have a foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath. Don’t try to forcefully pull back the foreskin of a baby or young boy as this could be painful and cause harm. Their foreskin might still be attached to the head of the penis and will therefore not retract fully. At this stage of their development, there’s no need to clean inside the foreskin. Gently wash the penis with warm water each day when you’re having a shower or bath.

It may be tempting to use talc and deodorants on your penis, but these are best avoided because talc will get under the foreskin, where it may cause irritation. Circumcised men have to be just as careful about cleaning their penis. Gently washing the penis with warm water once a day is sufficient.

Don’t forget to clean the base of the penis and the testicles, where sweat and hair can combine to produce a strong smell, just as unpleasant as in your armpits. These areas need frequent washing to stop sweat from accumulating, especially as they are enclosed in underwear for most of the day. Make sure the area between the base of the testicles and the anus is also clean and odor-free.

There you have it. No more excuses for having a cheesy penis. If you are experiencing pain and complications from smegma and balanitis you must consult a physician as soon as possible. If not treated, it can cause painful urination and further infections. Antibiotics and creams may be prescribed as treatment; however circumcision may be needed.





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  1. lyriq88
    ChuckFKALyriq | October 29th, 2014

    Shoutout to my parent’s for removing this extra process out of my daily showers. I’ll date a man on both sides of the spectrum but I’m just glad I personally don’t have to deal with the extra steps that foreskin requires.

    • alton
      NYCforEVER | October 29th, 2014

      Agreed. LOL

      • David | September 15th, 2016

        you have no idea of the great please foreskin gives! you are totally missing out. it nothing to clean and take care of.

  2. StayPuft | October 29th, 2014

    My last EX was uncircumcised. I don’t have a preference. I actually think it’s cool. I mean, it’s the way they are made in the factory. I like a drop top. Mine actually has it’s own moments where it tries to revert but I’m full time T Top.

    My nieces both had boys and I told them that they didn’t have to waste $400 on a circumcision. They didn’t listen to me, an owner of this equipment.

    Now, it really doesn’t take anything overwhelmingly extra to wash an uncut wang. Pull back. Wash. Repeat. It’s not complicated. Then, some of these baby mamas be thinking that “it don’t look right” because of what they are used to. Whut? Yeenfinna be the one operating that equipment so what difference does it make to you? Once he’s old enough to bathe and wash himself, you guide him a few times and he should be good.

    Leave these boys the way they were made. I wish my mom had.

    I actually can’t imagine someone not inquisitively knowledgeable enough to even clean themselves properly down there, even without education. If it’s itching or don’t smell right, clean it.

    • alton
      NYCforEVER | October 29th, 2014

      LMAO!! I’m dyin’ at “Factory Made”. But yea, I’ll purchase a turtleneck or a crewneck, makes me no nevamind.

    • SBthe13,000 | October 29th, 2014

      Yea, my ex is PR, n Latino n West Indian mofos are 9/10 uncut in my experience (Catholicism is word on the street). For Jews its a ‘religious’ thing TO circumcise. I can only assume it’s a Christianity thing for blk Americans n Africans. I just don’t see why a grown ass uncut man doesn’t know to clean that shit. I mean, I ain’t never taste any ‘smegma’..the fuk?!

      • StayPuft | October 29th, 2014

        My thing is, this is like a belly button or the back of your ears. You gotta hit them spots. lol

        Ian tryna taste no peen cheese either.

  3. BlackguyExecutive | October 29th, 2014

    Thank you for this public service announcement. You are right, men there are no excuses.

  4. Domeco Mays | October 29th, 2014


  5. alton
    NYCforEVER | October 29th, 2014

    Im so glad I’ve never had an encounter with a dude with this problem, never. I don’t know how, but never have. Bodily hygiene shouldn’t be rocket science.

  6. African King | October 29th, 2014

    OMG The Breakfast Club had a conversation about this recently. So hilarious but yeah that smegma stuff is nasty… please keep it clean!!

    • lyriq88
      ChuckFKALyriq | October 30th, 2014

      I remember that!!! It’s on their youtube channel. HILARIOUS!

  7. SBthe13,000 | October 29th, 2014

    N leme find out @ocky was a thot back in his day lol

  8. Gabe202 | October 29th, 2014

    Man fish can be funky as hell! Tuna casserole, salmon boys.

  9. Rod Turpin
    Roooooooooood! | October 31st, 2014

    Yea, balanitis can definitely be a hell of an issue; I’ve seen a few cases of it in my work. A lot of times when people think of sex ed, they think of just issues around sexual intercourse, but personal genital health is something that often gets overlooked. This should be the kind of thing you learn in a middle school health class, but unfortunately that’s often not the case.

  10. Deacon
    Deacon CJ | November 2nd, 2014

    I’ve never had and never been with a brother with that issue, not a big fan of circumcised dick’s and see circumcision as a brutal and useless procedure. Any man could have a cheesy dick if he doesn’t wash himself and keep it clean, plus i know of adult men going through procedures to grow their foreskin back.

  11. klothesmindedsince78 | November 5th, 2014

    As an uncircumcized male, I don’t understand what the issue with hygiene is among my fellow “turtleneckers.” It really is not hard to keep it clean. I think the issue is more so not with cut vs. uncut, but clean vs. unclean.

  12. Chris
    Chris Brown | December 16th, 2014

    With a name like “SMEGMA” I know that it has to be disgusting.

  13. SwagJack
    SwagJack | March 1st, 2015

    I like a lil dude musk in them areas. Just a lil funky. But there’s a limit. And if you haven’t pulled back and washed that joint in a minute, we can’t rock.

  14. Manavie86
    Manavie86 | October 14th, 2015

    Im circumsized, and i swing both way, as long u washed it i’m going downtown with it. Once it’s hard just looks the same to me. Luckily i’ve never been with someone having a bad case of phimosis.

  15. DiamondKesawn
    DiamondKesawn | October 27th, 2015


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