I am not impressed by the next generation gaming console Xbox One. The first reason is the price. For about $100 less you can purchase the Play Station 4 which has basically the same performance power. The second reason I am not impressed with the XBOX ONE is because their launch line up of games is yawn inspiring. However there are two stand-out games that may have me waiting in line or pre-ordering the XBOX ONE this fall; Titanfall and Killer Instinct.



Giant fighting mechs? Check. Troopers with jetpacks? Check. Lots of action and explosions? Check. From the trailers, developer Respawn Entertainment is bringing the heat with this FPS “multiplayer only” game exclusively to the XBOX ONE and PC. In Titanfall you can either pilot a titan mech or flat footed and jet pack’it across the massive battlefields. It has been reported that the player mechanics of the titans are extremely fluid compared to other mechs / robots games. Player matches begin with orbital drops to a battlefield warzone. The transition from shooting enemy troops, taking down a giant mech and piloting a mech appears to be seamless.  For a squad of friends this game looks like it could be the ultimate bro video game. Check out the awesome trailer below.

Killer Instinct


Oh the memories. 1995 the original Killer Instinct is released on the Super Nintendo. Weed smoke fills college dorm rooms as crumbled up dollar bills lay on the floor as bets were made. Sabrewulf and Spinal were my two favorite characters. Killer Instinct was a fun combination between Street Fighter (not as cartoony) and Mortal Kombat (not as realistic) with one difference in its in-game fighting techniques….the ULTRA COMBO!

The ultra-combo was kind of like the finishing move. Just imagine you have beaten the shit out of your opponent but they are not quite dead yet and you finish them off with a 30 hit ultra-combination all up in the head and chest piece….ooooh dammmnnn. To add insult to injury the game narrator or voice over screams in a deep voice “ULTRA, ULTRA, ULTRA”. Think the announcers at a soccer match when a goal is scored.

Enter the series reboot Killer Instinct for the XBOX ONE. Everything is familiar but only better. Character design, back grounds, textures, everything has been updated. I do hate the nickel and diming approach of the DLC (down load content). I am from the old school train of thought of many gamers, “release everything at one time and stop attempting to get additional money from me”. Well it seems like no one really cares what we think because Killer Instinct will be full of additional downloads after you have originally downloaded the game. It was announced that when Killer Instinct is released, it will only include one playable character (Jago) with the ability to purchase additional fighters individually. WTF!? Anywho check out the gameplay footage and trailers below.