I don’t think animation gets the respect it deserves. Case in point; many social media feeds and websites that cater to people of color highlighted all the Black people that were nominated and won Oscars in their respected categories but didn’t even mention Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse winning Best Animated Film. The main characters (Spider-man – Miles Morales and Uncle Aaron) were both men of color and voiced by two talented African American actors Shameik Moore and Mahershala Ali. I personally feel animation allows many writers to have more creative freedoms to visually tell a story. This is why I was super anxious to view Netflix’s Love Death & Robots when it premiered.

I’d never heard of nor seen trailers for the sci-fi animated series before it appeared on the Netflix home screen after I logged in. Based on the automatic preview I knew I had to check it out. I was very impressed with the first episode Sonnie’s Edge which left me wanting more. Beginning my binge watch, I was again surprised when I immediately started episode two and realized Love Death & Robots is an anthology series featuring multiple writers and animators. The best way I can describe the show is it’s an animated Black Mirror with a nod to Animatrix and Heavy Metal. Although Love Death & Robots is not as heavy on the “all is lost” feeling that many episodes of Black Mirror can leave you with. I do have to note that Love Death & Robots is not shy when it comes to both male and female nudity. While some of the 18 episodes were hit or miss, there’s something there for every palette. Below are my top ten episodes from the series in order.

1. Zima Blue

The renowned artist Zima recounts his mysterious past and rise to fame before unveiling his final work.


2. Good Hunting

The son of a spirit hunter forges a bond with a shape-shifting huli jing.

3. Sucker of Souls 

Unleashed by an archaeological dig, a bloodthirsty demon battles a team of mercenaries.

4. Sonnie’s Edge

In the underground world of “beastie” fights, Sonnie is unbeatable — as long as she keeps her edge.


A community of farmers use their homemade mechs to defend their families from an alien invasion.

6. Lucky 13

After the drop-ship Lucky 13 lost two crews, no pilot would fly her… but rookies don’t get a choice.

7. Blindspot

A gang of cyborg thieves stage a high-speed heist of a heavily armored convoy.

8. Shape-Shifters

Deep in Afghanistan, two Marines with supernatural powers face a threat from one of their own kind.

9. Beyond the Aquila Rift

Awakening after traveling light years off course, a ship’s crew struggles to discover just how far they’ve come.

10. Helping Hand

Stranded in orbit, an astronaut must choose between life and limb before her oxygen runs out.