I’ve been pretty open about my sexuality or should I say sexual desires with readers. For example, I talked about the male scent within a past post titled Who Likes Musky Nutts?, so I aint scared.

Watching the NFL at times can be a sensory overload of masculinity, testosterone and eye candy. This past Sunday was no different. After hours of binge watching football (typical weekend) a random thought occurred to me after seeing numerous sideline scenes with professional water boys squirting Gatorade into the mouths of players.


Let me point out these “water boys” are actual professional grown men, who I’m sure take their jobs very seriously. Nonetheless as a homosexual man, I would still feel uncomfortable with another man pouring or squirting water into my mouth…in public, that is. I’ve known how to drink liquids before I learned how to tie my shoes. Hell I’m thinking, “I don’t need your assistance man.”


In many instances, Waterboys go to where the players are on the sideline instead of the players having to walk down the long sideline to where the “water” is located while there is play stoppage on the field. So this is just one example of how they do play a much needed role.

From the perspective of the water boy…if I was a water boy who happened to be a homosexual man, I could absolutely control my urges, actions and remain professional while doing my job, while keeping my “You’ve got a pretty mouth” comments to myself.

However as with many people, I have sexual thoughts throughout the day and doubt they would disappear on the field. Having to look at mouth after mouth, lips after lips, attached to these attractive gladiators of the grind iron, would give me plenty of masturbatory imagery that would be housed in my memory banks.

I feel I could see myself purposely bumping the tip of the water bottle against certain player’s lips while saying, “Oops, let me get it back in there.” Ok that’s enough of me letting you into my fantasies.