Cypher Avenue Rating: 5 of 5      

Written and Directed by newcomer Darius Clark Monroe, the short film “SLOW” gives viewers a (somewhat) realistic view of an “online hookup” between (somewhat) masculine men. Crazy Dope cinematography and believable acting give this an authentic “fly on the wall” feel that made me almost uncomfortable watching. Even more impressive is that this film was shot with NO BUDGET in the director’s own apartment. He negates any excuse other filmmakers have about the shortcomings of their own independent films.We’ve posted this short film before in our first week of Cypher Avenue but it didn’t come with a rating and its definitely worth revisiting. This is the film featuring masculine gay men that ruined it for every other film we saw afterward.

While I think the ending is a little far-fetched and still ultimately about “a hookup” (sigh), this short film still gets props for not resorting to the usual flamboyant stereotypes of Gay Black Men. Also, I can forgive the script’s shortcomings because of Darius’ excellent visuals, directing and casting. Carlton Byrd and Harvey Gardner Moore are definitely two very attractive, talented brothers that we should applaud for their raw, fearless performance in this film, whether they are themselves gay/bisexual or not.

The film also raises the interesting topic I’ve posted about before on of some guys just wanting sex while others want a potential relationship. In 13 short minutes we see unique VISUAL storytelling and artistry at work. The the film takes us on a roller coaster ride all while confined to one room.

DISCLAIMER: The short features some nudity so its technically NSFW.