Okay, I will say it. Black men, many many times are portrayed and viewed with a negative slant. The word thug comes to mind when black men are discussed in media. This word seems to be flung around more than horseshoes at a rodeo. The negative perception of the black male bleeds seamlessly into the professional sports world; you know because now these ni@@ers got money. Just ask the intelligent college educated Super Bowl winner Richard Sherman. In an interview, Sherman said what most were thinking; thug is code word for ni@@er that many sports writers, commentators and anti-fans use. As a matter of fact, it was used over 600 times within media, one day after a Seahawks winning game in 2014.

Sherman’s teammate Marshawn Lynch, has been fodder for many a sports column, simply because he has the audacity of not wanting to speak to the media. WTF is wrong with him? How can a black man who is a millionaire, watched by millions during the NFL season, wears dreadlocks, has grills on his teeth and drives a white Lamborghini Aventador not want media attention? Somehow the media is unaware that just because a person is a celebrity or sports figure, that doesn’t mean they want the Lime Light like a Kardashian.

Lynch's Lambo

As Barry Petchesky over at Deadspin has pointed out, Lynch has already said why he doesn’t like speaking with the media during post games. In an interview with Michael Silver at Lynch stated;

“I’ve never seen anybody win the game in the media. But at the same time, I understand what it could do for you, if you wanted to be someone who talks a lot. But that’s not me.

“And I’m not as comfortable, especially at the position I play, making it about me. As a running back, it takes five offensive linemen, a tight end, a fullback and possibly two wide receivers, in order to make my job successful. But when I do interviews, most of the time it’ll come back to me. There are only so many times I can say, ‘I owe it to my offensive linemen,’ or, ‘The credit should go to my teammates,’ before it becomes run down.

“This goes back even to Pop Warner. You’d have a good game and they’d want you to give a couple of quotes for the newspaper, and I would let my other teammates be the ones to talk. That’s how it was in high school, too. At Cal, I’d have my cousin, Robert Jordan, and Justin Forsett do it.

“Football’s just always been hella fun to me, not expressing myself in the media. I don’t do it to get attention; I just do it ’cause I love that (expletive).”

Yep, sums it up for me. So sports writers, commentators and anti-fans, there’s no need to refer to him as a thug, ungrateful (because we the media made you), purposely difficult or uppity (more code words). Dude is a chill, laid back type of guy that doesn’t like the spot light. Leave him the fuck alone please.