Message to both the none United States and United States viewers.  Here in the United States there exist this thing called the “Bible Belt”. 

The Bible Belt consist of southern states whose population predominantly identifies themselves as Conservative Christian Republicans OR just Conservative Christians.

A good example of your typical Conservative Christian Republican is Newt Gingrich, who preaches family values and moral ethics, even though he has committed adultery numerous times with multiple wives.

Conservative Christian Republicans OR Conservative Christians are usually anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality, anti-civil unions, anti-same sex adoptions and anti-gay marriage.

The funny thing about the Bible Belt is that they are also the biggest viewers of online gay pornography…well that is according to Google Insight.

Using Google Insight, I did a 12 month search for online users who searched with the the term “gay porn” on Google.

Seven out of the top Ten states that had the highest search rates were from Southern Bible Belt or Republican leaning states. 

Hypocritical much?  See the result below.  I would also suggest using Google Insight yourself and use search terms such as…

– “black dick porn”
– “big dick porn”
– “big black cock”

Very interesting information at your finger tips.