Not gonna lie. My family is boring as shit.

Well, my immediate family at least. I have a mother, younger brother, older sister and a handful of nephews. When we get together for holidays and birthdays, we have a good time conversing and eating good food. But there’s no alcohol involved, no loud music, no clubbing and no loud laughing.

They’re boring.

And I can confidently say that it ain’t because of me.

I’m the life of my family’s party. I bring alcohol. I bring jokes. I bring dope conversations. I interact with even the shyest and quietest family members…but even then they can only turn up so much. And usually I’m the only one that ends up drinking.

This happened this past thanksgiving. I brought both wine and vodka hoping to get tipsy with my adult siblings while we loud talk and play dominoes as the nephews play amongst themselves…but they both abstained from drinking altogether leaving me to look like the lush.


My aunts, uncles and cousins, on the other hand…they REALLY know how to Party with a capital “P.”

There’s music, there’s beer, there’s liquor, there’s loud screeching laughing from the black women, there’s fellas of all ages enthusiastically arguing about their sports teams and there’s plenty of bad-ass kids running around…so many kids that you don’t know who’s related to whom and if they are even actually related by blood or needing a Maury Povich paternity test to determine legitimacy.


So which way does your family sway?

Is your family really “Huxtable,” respectably discussing current events over an iced cold glass of water?

Or does your family Turn Up more than a Tyler Perry movie?