Since its only January there is technically still time to begin even more new starts and resolutions now that the 21st Century has officially entered its’ teenage years. When it comes to dating, many of us need a firm kick in the ass to finally follow common sense advice to avoid more frustration and heartache. Even I’m guilty of falling into the same old traps and ignoring blatant Red Flags telling me that I’m wasting my time.So to help us all in 2013, I’ve compiled the Top 50 Quick Dating Tips I could think of in regards to dating and relationships with men. Many of these tips are pretty obvious but sometimes we need a big, bold reminder of what we need to do in the future. Consider this your reference guide for what to do when you meet a new guy that’s being inconsistent or not texting back fast enough. Feel free to add your own quick dating tips for fellow readers in the comments section! 


26. If his ego won’t let him call/text you first occasionally, his loss, Move On – Delete The Number.
Some guys like to play it cool, but the fact of the matter is if you play it TOO cool, you’re gonna lose. Taking initiative shows interest. If all of the effort is coming from your direction, that’s a clear sign that his interest level is extremely low. Focus your energy on someone that wants you as much as you want them.

27. If you tell him something personal about you and he forgets, that’s a RED FLAG. He’s not interested.
Even the most mundane details about a person’s life are extremely fascinating when they’re coming from someone you’re interested in. Sharing this information with a guy (especially in the beginning) and he forgets is a clear sign that he’s either juggling way too many men or he’s just not interested.

28. Actions speak loud as fuck. If he’s saying one thing and doing another – MOVE ON – DELETE THE NUMBER
If he’s texting you how bad he wants to see you but never seems available when you call his bluff, he’s full of shit. This applies to anything else that contradicts his words. A person will never have to tell you they’re interested if they actually show it.

29. If he non-verbally tells you he’s not interested, take him at his word and Move On – Delete The Number.
Body language says a lot. If when you go out, he barely makes eye contact or constantly checks his cell phone, this is him non-verbally telling you that you’re just a time-filler for him. You’re a better alternative than being alone for the night since the guy he REALLY wants doesn’t want him.

30. If you ask him a question about his life and he doesn’t say, “What about you?” Delete his number. He’s not interested.
This should be taught to all young gay men looking for love from day one. During the initial conversations where you both are getting to know each other, everything is pretty interesting…if you’re both into each other. Next time you’re out, ask him a question and see if he returns it, if not he doesn’t give a shit.

31. You Text him and he doesn’t text back in 8-10 hours… Delete the number.
This is factoring time for work hours, but 2-3 hours is usually a safe deletion period as well. In this day and age, most everyone has a smartphone and stays pretty close to it at all times.  Not getting a response for hours typically means that he saw your text, but chose not to respond.

32. Fast Texters make for better dating…If he’s too busy to respond to a text, he’ll just be squeezing a sliver of time of his life for you.
Slow texters have way too much going on in their lives. It takes all of 5-30 seconds to reply to a text…even if it’s just to say, “Hey, working. Will hit you back later.” If he’s got so many things going on at one time that he can’t text back quickly, what makes you think he’ll have time to date you?

33. Texting is not a conversation.Even given the rules of texting, this is not real conversation. There are nuances and spontaneity that arises from voice-to-voice flow of dialogue. Text messages are often short, vague and prone to misinterpretation.

34. If he can only text/call after 11pm, you’re not a priority.
This usually means one of two things, his life is so hectic the only time he can squeeze you in is late at night OR he’s cheating on his boyfriend with you. Either way, you’re not one of the priorities in his life.

35. Don’t try to fill dead space in phone conversations when getting to know a new guy, if he can’t jump in – Move On
The Art of Conversation is not a skill that many people possess but we’re not talking rocket science here. If he’s just a plain bore, let him go. The dating process is the period where you get to know one another. A man that can’t hold up his end of a conversation makes that impossible.