I don’t think it’s a secret that many citizens of Jamaica are extremely intolerable to homosexuals.  The latest example comes to us with the recent killing of a transgendered 17 year old, Dwayne Jones. On the night of July 21st 2013, Jones was attending a party in St. James and was dressed as a woman.  Jones was dancing with a male and a female attendee at the party told a group of partiers that he was actually a man. One of the men went up to Jones and groped him and discovered he was a male. Jones was chased from the party by an angry mob and was subsequently stabbed and chopped to death.
I know and have known so many gay / bisexual men and women who travel to Jamaica.  Some even go yearly via cruise distentions or excursions.  Many gay / bisexual persons of color, I’m sure would not step foot in a hypothetical restaurant that was owned by Pat Robinson and George Zimmerman but don’t bat and eye when considering traveling to Jamaica.

Would you spend your tourist dollars in Jamaica?  If you are a person of the LGBT community and traveled to Jamaica, how do reconcile your decision?