CA Podcast #24 – Fly Young Red, Bry’Nt, Siya, Metrell Hurst, Lasto, Light Skin vs Dark Skin

By Cypher Avenue | Posted Oct 16 2014 | 23 Comments  


Brehs, we present to you a new episode of the CYPHER AVENUE PODCAST where you’ll hear us give updates, engage in heated topic debates, interviewing interesting homosexual men of color and us verbally adding on to the articles posted on the website.

The episodes will be available in four ways: You can listen to them on the site, watch on YouTube, download a MP3 version or subscribe to us on iTunes for automatic updates!

In this podcast, Cypher Avenue co-founder Nick Delmacy heads out to meet fellow site editor Ocky Williams at an Atlanta nightclub. While searching for Ocky, he listens to the latest R&B and Hip Hop songs from LGBT artists, reveals who he’s attracted to and ponders on what’s the big deal about Light Skin vs Dark Skin debate.



1. Metrell Hurst – Don’t Ask (Don’t Tell)

2. Kore Stacks – High

3. Siya ft J-Doe – Haters

4. Kin4Life – Type Girl, Right Girl

5. Marck Angel – Summertime

6. Ephraim Adamz – Twerk Bitch

7. I.K.P. – Super Trippy

8. Fly Young Red – I Be On It

9. LastO – Where Is She Lude

10. Sony Cobain – Paper Hearts

11. DuQuaye – Fuck Ya City Up

12. Brvndon – Bitch

13. P.Murray – With Or Without You

14. Bry’Nt – Explain

15. EarthTone – Bible Pages

16. Raw Footage ft Tink – My Whole Life









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Cypher Avenue

Cypher Avenue is a direct response to the lack of a single website on the Internet catering to gay/bisexual men that love hip hop, pop culture, video games, sci-fi and mature, open minded conversations. Topics ranging from sex, sports, movies, new tech, science, fashion, comic books, politics, working out, hip hop, booze, television, cars, the outdoors, geek stuff, dating, and relationships; you name it, we have it.

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23 Comments Feel Free To Join The Cypher.

  1. alton
    NYCforEVER | October 16th, 2014

    Janet Jackson, dude?? REALLY??!!! Homeboy need to have several seats with that one. Janet is probably the closest and only thing that would come close to “Diva Worship” for me, and it ain’t even about that, I grew up listenin’ to Janet from 7yo, she my fav female (former)R&B/Pop Artist LOL

    The female rapper chick, Saya (sp?) Yooo, I’m not a big hip hop fan anymore, but I think I could get into her shit. Anyways, still listenin’ to Podcast, just homeboy with the “Janet” voice threw me off and I had to comment right quick. LOL!!

    • Dre of the Dead | October 26th, 2014

      The bass line on the Knowledge though,that was some good stuff.

  2. Ocky "The Thing" Williams | October 16th, 2014

    …you ought to be ashamed of yourself for calling me out like that on a Podcast…and yes that still is some bullshit I would do LMAO!

    *Kore Stacks video eff my head up for a sec. I’m like dude has came out of the closet so I was like why feature a female as the sex symbol/metaphor in the video? I get it…the weed is a female but still. Either way I thought the song was cool.

    *Siya – DOPENESS

    *Kin4Life – Real cool. I like it.

    *Fly Young Reezy – DOPENESS

    *LastO was right, Sony Cobain is NICE.

    *Brvndon….shout to my thick ni@@as! Nice track.

    *P Murray was different and I really liked it!

    *Being honest, Bible Pages – is one of my least
    favorite tracks from Earth Tone but I still like the old school vibe.

    @NICK By the way DOPE PODCAST! #6 Twerk Bitch

  3. Gabe202 | October 16th, 2014

    This was real? I thought the car thing was a joke LOL

    • Raymond "The Shining" Wright II | October 16th, 2014

      IDK but it was hella funny

  4. Raymond "The Shining" Wright II | October 16th, 2014

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but laugh when Nick was having problems with his car and when he told us not to laugh, I lost it lol. But this was a Great Podcast tho.

    The dude that said he sounds like janet Jackson needs to get over himself. Really? You are going to compare your voice with someone who sold millions of albums. okay.

    Honestly the only song I truly like (and have downloaded) is Bryn’t Explain. I love that song. I’m a huge R&B fan. I like Metrell’s song too but I love Bryn’t’s song more for some reason.

    I’m not sure if I can get into the gay rap. I like some of the songs like Earth Tone’s and Raw footage, but I wouldn’t download and try to listen to them on the regular. Same goes for Siya and Kin4life. Cool but wouldn’t listen to you like that. But they are very talented I have to give them that.

  5. hannibal
    Hannibal | October 16th, 2014

    *rolls eyes at Kore Stacks not looking gay*

    Anyways, the car not starting was funny but I’m sure that was a joke.

  6. SB3
    African "Voodoo" King | October 16th, 2014

    Metrell Hurst has a strong influence on his voice from Charlie Wilson. Listen to him and compare it. I LOVE his voice.

    Kore Stacks… no man will be able to “clock” him. Since he put himself out there, that helps A LOT. But his song is great. That shit has radio potential. He should add some more auto tune to fit right in there with what’s hot right now and INCREASE THE TEMPO. (@nick it is pronounced “CORE”)

    Siya is CRAZY GOOD. The most lyrical new femcee to come out. I love seeing her on ‘Sisterhood of Hip-Hop’ on OXYGEN. The show was greenlighted for a second season! Can’t wait!

    Kin4Lyfe – they make me think of the female version of Nelly. I love it. They are cool. Maybe even like Drake when he “sings”.

    Marck Angel – the influence from Janet Jackson is there. To say that he sounds exactly like her is not true. I just think to make his music better he needs to not let his voice be the main focus. He needs extra production and an intrumental to make his tracks fuller. He can’t have that thin ass voice just there on the track.

    IKP – the theme reminds me of some Bone Thugz N Harmony. How dark it is. But of course Bone is MUCH better.

    FYR – @nick you already know how I feel LMAO.

    LastO – I love his album on Spotify! Great production and that nigga got BARZ.

    Sony Cobain – he seriously does have talent. I listened to his mixtape. He can flow. He exudes who he admires – classic Foxy Brown. Granted I’ve not heard any song from her aside from “Ill Na Na” but Sony can flow regardless.

    DuQuaye – Typical talk about clothes, money, drinks, and all he has to fit the turn-up music period that is dominating radio right now. Nothing special but he has potential.

    Brvndon – he can flow. I like it. Thickums lol.

    P. Murray – a true crooner sort of like Frank Ocean. Speaking of Frank Ocean, his new LP is influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Let’s see how that turns out.

    Bry’Nt – I LOVE explain. I instantly thought Drake with a huge 90s influence on the track. I really do like this song. He also has Part II to this song/video on his YouTube too.

    EarthTone – I just wish he did more verses on this song but that’s it. I love his EP. “F.A.G.” is my favorite song on GMale.

    Raw Footage – I really like their TURN-UP music. Aki can’t really rap like Tezzo & Lil’ Bit. They do their thing. Good mixtape too.

    • SBthe13,000 | October 17th, 2014

      Charlie Wilson?! Uncle Charlie!?! U crazy as all hell if u think Metrell sounds like Charlie Wilson!

      • SB3
        African "Voodoo" King | October 17th, 2014

        No I stand by that. Really listen to Charlie Wilson (Uncle Charlie) then compare him with Metrell. Both of their intonations, vocal tones and diction are similar. Am I saying carbon copy? No only Uncle Charlie can do Uncle Charlie but the similarities are definitely there.

  7. Tyree DidIt
    Tyree DidIt | October 16th, 2014

    Yas line up.

  8. Tyree DidIt
    Tyree DidIt | October 16th, 2014

    Yas line up.

  9. Michael The Night Flier | October 16th, 2014

    I’ve been feeling Siya since I first heard of her on the site. I feel like I would listen to Brvndon, but I’d have to check out a few more songs of his. Bry’Nt’s “Explain” would be in my playlist, but I probably would skip the rapping part. It just doesn’t fit the song. And you know damn well you could’ve listened to more than 7 seconds of “Twerk Bitch” @Nick lol

  10. Chi' | October 17th, 2014

    That Fly young red track was actually hot! After that ghastly Throw That Boy (i cant even say it) song, he has redeemed himself in my books.

    The Lasto track is arguably the most interesting song on here.It has that dubstep tease going on

  11. Chi' | October 17th, 2014

    and then a cover from one of my favorite bands of all time…. It didn’t have the big U2 finish but the vocals where great.

  12. SBthe13,000 | October 17th, 2014

    Nice approach w this one, tho u should a left it as it was in the beg n had ev1 thinking @ocky was out in the streets bein an ain’t shit ass mofo!

    There was some good shit in here; red, siya, kin, sonny, raw,etc.

    I can’t get w brynt’s vocals on the singin or rapping. It’s so autotuned n awkward. But u right, he phyne outside of those whack ass sideburns.

    Duguaye’s song did its purpose but I felt like sum1 else should’ve done the vocals. Same w Metrell. Solid songs that needed sum1 else to deliver them, imo

  13. Enkil | October 18th, 2014

    W/e possessed you to make this episode, let it possess you again lol. This was refreshingly original.

  14. Jonah | October 22nd, 2014

    Yooooo!!!! Good looking with this podcast. Was nice to get put up on some of these artists I’d never heard of before. Gonna be guest lecturing a class on Hip-Hop Studies on LGBT rappers and artists, and this gives me some dope new acts to present on. Good. Looking. Out!

    Stay up famo…

  15. Dre of the Dead | October 26th, 2014

    Kore Stacks is surely not the kind of image I was expecting from a playlist of gay artist.That’s really cool.I totally glimpsed a wider range of music from the gay world in this.

  16. Ivan King | October 26th, 2014

    How do we request to be featured on a podcast? Is there an email that I’m missing?

  17. Jordan
    Jordan | April 5th, 2015

    Months later and I still come back to relisten to this podcast. Probably my favorite one thus far.

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