Picture So this question came about because  Cypher Ave Co-Founder and single socialite Nick Delmacy stated on Twitter that he would not date a man with kids.

I had to stop and ask myself, if I were single would I date a man with kids?

The answer for me is…that it depends.  I think its safe to say its possible young children require more from their parent/s than teenaged or adult kids do.

So if a guy I was interested in had young children, I would think to myself, the time I could spend with this man would be limited.  If we got serious, we couldn’t go out of the country lets say to an “adults only” spot.

Do I want to put myself in the position to be a part of a family? 

I think this is different than lets say a man with a 19 year old.  I would think due to the teenager being more “responsible”, they can be home alone or by themselves for a night or three.  They are one foot out the door to adulthood anyway, right?  So in my mind this would be more acceptable. Is my thinking selfish or self centered?

But hey, that’s just how I feel.  What do you think…Would You Date A Man With Children?