Fox Sports’ Undisputed continues to show why they’re superior to ESPN’s First Take. Recently host Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless talked with Chris Broussard about why Steph Curry doesn’t get the respect he deserves in the league in part due to him being “light skin”. Sharpe and Broussard go in depth about colorism historically in the Black community and in sports. At one point during the discussion I was taken back on how they were straight up keeping it 100. Personally I can’t recall something of this nature being discussed extensively on television between Black men in this type of setting. If this conversation had taken place on First Take, there would’ve been sugar coating, pearl clutching and a melt down by Stephen A. Smith.

After watching the video, I thought about how extensive is colorism with gay dudes? Just like in the video, as Black men (and with my homeboys) we laugh and joke about it with each other but can’t recall ever personally having a direct interaction with someone who was anti-light skin when it came to their dating choices. On the other hand I’m aware of one dude I encountered decades ago who had a ‘light skin only need apply’ policy. While I may have a preference for brown to darker skin dudes, I could have cared less about skin complexion when I was dating. There are enough boxes that need to be checked in the dating process, why add another nonsensical prerequisite to the mix?