PictureDerrick L. Briggs has just posted a new Vlog via his ADTV YouTube Channel discussing the issue of Unbalanced Imagery of Black Gay Men in the Media. If you’re a follower of Cypher Avenue then you know this is a topic we touch on often. He’s joined by popular YouTube vlogger Xem Van Adams. They talk about many gay men out there not being able to see non-flamboyant examples of Gay Black Men in the media. Hot button topic, indeed.

Lets disregard how masculine (or not) that you feel these two men are and focus on the message (I know how harsh our readers can be). They say some of the same things we’ve said in the past, but when we say it we’re called effemaphobes and bigots. The main difference in their solutions seem to be for more masculine men to not only come out of the closet, but to become gay celebrities as well. Which is strange because, they quote The LA Complex as a good example of black gay masculine men yet that show was not produced by nor did it star any Out gay black men.

That may or may not be the solution but it won’t happen as long as there are Black Gay Witch-Hunts going on through Gossip Sites. Whatever, I’m kind of tired of this discussion to be honest. It’s going no where and we’re sounding like a broken record. Fems run the gay world and they don’t care. They’re actually uninterested in masculine gay men not portrayed as anything but objects of lust. What are your thoughts on the discussion in this video?