WATCH: Derrick L. Briggs Discusses Missing Masculinity in Media

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Apr 19 2013 | 7 Comments  

PictureDerrick L. Briggs has just posted a new Vlog via his ADTV YouTube Channel discussing the issue of Unbalanced Imagery of Black Gay Men in the Media. If you’re a follower of Cypher Avenue then you know this is a topic we touch on often. He’s joined by popular YouTube vlogger Xem Van Adams. They talk about many gay men out there not being able to see non-flamboyant examples of Gay Black Men in the media. Hot button topic, indeed.

Lets disregard how masculine (or not) that you feel these two men are and focus on the message (I know how harsh our readers can be). They say some of the same things we’ve said in the past, but when we say it we’re called effemaphobes and bigots. The main difference in their solutions seem to be for more masculine men to not only come out of the closet, but to become gay celebrities as well. Which is strange because, they quote The LA Complex as a good example of black gay masculine men yet that show was not produced by nor did it star any Out gay black men.

That may or may not be the solution but it won’t happen as long as there are Black Gay Witch-Hunts going on through Gossip Sites. Whatever, I’m kind of tired of this discussion to be honest. It’s going no where and we’re sounding like a broken record. Fems run the gay world and they don’t care. They’re actually uninterested in masculine gay men not portrayed as anything but objects of lust. What are your thoughts on the discussion in this video?

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  1. ptseti | September 2nd, 2013

    All the other so called “ignored” people are just fine with the content and they don’t need to see any more masculine character on screen to identify with their own sexuality.They know where to go get their masculine fix…and its not necessarily cable. It boils down to dollars and cents – there is this myth that “gay people spend more money”.Well if the community has so much money why don’t they create their own network, producing their own content to their own audience? Ans.Because the ‘gay community’ is as fickle as the wigs and make up they wear- the majority has no commitment to anything.

    Having a boring DL masculine guy in any episode only keeps the interest of the viewer to the point where he takes his clothes off and then the Blackberrys go off as everyone is calling their ‘girlfriend’ to salivate on how ‘fab’ he is.Then it becomes the latest twitter trend, does LA Complex ring a bell? Please.

    Mainstream media is not stupid.They know how to keep an audience fixated. Put the colorful drag queen on- he has more color, Nobody likes flat. There are a lot of masculine “gay” men acting right before our eyes,Wenthworh Miller.The problem is the queens don’t recognize them. Cant blame them- they’re too busy gossiping with their BFF.

    We all don’t need to come out and shout.People act because they love it, They don’t act to make a sexual statement.

    • Cyrus-Brooks
      Cyrus Brooks | December 31st, 2013

      You made a valid point about the myth of gay financial power. But that goes hand in hand with the American cultural narrative that gay men are either flaming queens, upper middle class to wealthy white men, or DL black thugs. Until more masculine African American and Latino gay men start coming out in our personal lives no one in media will NOT show us because to them we don’t exist.

  2. hannibal
    Hannibal | September 2nd, 2013

    “Lets disregard how masculine (or not) that you feel these two men are and focus on the message” – Favorite part of the article.

    • Cyrus-Brooks
      Cyrus Brooks | December 31st, 2013

      Your comment made me LOL!

  3. Antwan Weatherington | September 15th, 2013

    I guess someone is always gonna feel like they aren’t getting their fair share. More masculine men are not being represented because a lot of them feel like being out there and open with your sexuality makes you part of the FEM community which just isn’t true. How do you represent a community where many of its members don’t care to be counted. You can’t now cry foul because FEMS, drag queens, and men seen as FEM were the ones out there doing things and moving the culture as a whole despite what America was saying about them. They MADE themselves mainstream. I don’t think no one has time for the guessing games. If more MASC men came out and allowed themselves to be counted you would have more of a a FACE and be represented more proportionately.

    I don’t think is JUST masc guys that are seen as objects of desire..that’s black men in general. Believe It or not, whether you guys wanna accept it or not, many men who identify as masculine having loving and meaningful relationships with their FEM counterparts.

    I get the general sentiment of this site and article..but what is being developed is a SUB-culture. and just like the GAY movement in the 70’s it’s in it’s baby stages. Someone is gonna have to stand up and co tinge to speak out and make noise

  4. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus Brooks | December 31st, 2013

    This is a lot to unpack because this issue has many moving parts besides sexual orientation like race, “gender expression”, culture and the internal politics of the “gay community”. I think the main dynamic at work here is 1: feminine gay males have no choice but to be out because American culture automatically assumes they are homosexual. 2: Masculine gay men have the blessing and curse of being able to blend in with the str8 world but unless they are comfortable with their sexuality and strong enough to handle the blowback from the community they tend not be “out”. But even if they are out they don’t stand out. Case in point no one at my job knew I was gay until I talked about my partner. 3: Black men in this country have a heavy load of cultural baggage and being a gay black man makes the load too heavy for many to be out. However our situation will not improve and society will not view us as real men until masculine black gay men grow some balls and stop giving a f**k about what the rest of society thinks and be real with who we are. White gay men reached this point in the 1970s and 80s. Black gay men are just now getting to that point so we got 30 years of catch up to do. If you don’t come out you can’t complain about the visibility that FEMS have.

  5. armouredhaven | November 10th, 2014

    This is why I left BGCLIVE as armouredhaven because they wanted me for years to conform and talk about Rihanna and Beyonce and etc… I totally couldn’t relate,
    people were negative towards me, they didn’t want to place any messages towards the positive messages I would leave for encouragement and etc… I decided it wasn’t a place for me, I was being told that I’m really a bottom, I need to stop pretending to be so masculine, I can see a little gay in you, your in love with white men cause I made a thread about wanting to date others as well… ON and ON lol
    them some bitter bitches if I were to use a word to catergorize them.

    I just want to have a place where I’m not surrounded by the makeup brothers
    and not being told that verse and masculine is a day dream. Also related to this video: “I can’t” relate to these make-up purse guys at all. Simple as that, and telling someone that its the same thing cause we have dix is so ridiculous.

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