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Raymond Helped Me Realize I Was Homo 

The year was 1987. LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee were beefing. I was in middle school on the cusp of puberty. I knew what sex was or at least the general mechanics of it all but I was around 11 years of age; so what did I know? What I did know was that something seemed different. My 11something year old mind was more curious towards boys than girls.

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The 20 Most Famous Out Gay Men of Color (According to Twitter) 

We turned to the biggest high school environment on the planet, Twitter, to determine which openly gay male personalities of color were in fact the most popular. As it turns out, just like a high school, we have a wide range of gay men of color who fall into standard archetypes. We have big ol’ nerds, masculine jocks, feminine boys, quiet types, class clowns, singers, actors, models and yes, six-pack-abs.