The Dick-Bag Award Winners…

The Dick-Bag Awards are awarded to those who openly and freely display ignorance, stupidity, foolishness or who are just straight up dumb asses when it comes to issues of homosexuality and bi-sexuality.  The Dick-Bag Awards are just a few of the awards that nominees can win here at Cypher Ave.  There are also the “Cunt Face Awards”, the “Stupid Bitch Awards” and the “Somebody Needs Their Ass Beat Awards”, just to name a few.
So sit back and enjoy our first ever Dick-Bag Awards!

Picture Black male homosexuality has been in the news for the last couple of weeks now.  From the latest stats that were released during World AIDs Day to comments from rapper T.I and Twitter comments from Tameka Raymond.

T.I. is our first Dick-Bag Award winner for the dumb ass comments he first made during his interview in VIBE magazine.  In the article he talks about jokes Tracy Morgan made during a comedic stand up performance.  Tracy Morgan in so many words said he would stab his son to death if his son came home and told him he was gay.

Well T.I. thought it was funny, shared Tracy Morgan’s sentiments, and thought the gays were being to sensitive and the gay mafia made Tracy Morgan apologize.  This made me think…well if one of T.I.’s sons came home and told him that they were gay, how would he re-act?  Also if Jerry Seinfeld made a joke that if his white daughter brought home a black guy, he would stab her to death…would T.I. have the same reaction to this “joke”?

Well he probably would think this joke is funny also…Why?  T.I. later went on TMZ to “clear up” his VIBE interview comments.  When Harvey Levin asked if he thought that black folks should have the same suck-it-up attitude about inflammatory or racist comments, T.I. agreed. “Black people can be too sensitive”, he said.  Damn and this dude is raising like 6 kids SMH…


Our second winner for the Dick-Bag Award comes from Tameka Raymond, sorry Tameka Foster and her comments she made on Twitter concerning black gay men.  She stated that “undercover” gay men that LOOK str8 should wear bright wristbands.  Well first if they wore wristbands they would no longer be undercover…but I digress…She is standing behind her comments but still attempted to clear things up and also threw it out there that folks are being too “sensitive”.

So because a gay man is not flamboyant and “appears” straight by wearing certain articles of clothing and naturally being masculine, then there is some sort of trickery afoot?  Really Bitch?  Hey Tameka, maybe if you stop focusing on how gay men should dress or identify themselves to make you feel comfortable; you will have more time to focus on finding a man you can stay married to for longer than 5 years.

Fuckin Dick Bags