As we’ve previously posted, the creators of “The D.L. Chronicles” are gearing up for a return of the series with new episodes beginning in 2012. They’ve launched a fundraiser with a goal of $125,000 and as of this posting they’re $26,757 closer to reaching it with just over a month left to go.They lost a major backer a few days ago so it’s not looking good. Most crowd-funding endeavors get the bulk of their contributions during the final few days but I’d say these guys need to have at least $60,000 pledged by December in order to be in good shape. Anyway, they still have our support.In conjunction with the fundraiser, they’re releasing a four-part web series called “The Chadwick Journals” which serves as a prequel to the first season of the show. The Webisodes follow the narrator of the TV series, Chadwick (once again played by Damian Toofek Raven), as he begins his original interviews for the stories he’s seen writing.

This second episode is called “Mr. Johnson” and is embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

Nick D