Replay Value is a term that is used by reviewers and critics in the video game industry. It basically means after you’ve played and completed a game, is the game fun and entertaining enough to entice you to play it again. However the term Replay Value can be and is also applied to music and movies. For this featured list, we will apply it to big budget blockbuster Hollywood films.

#1. Avatar (meh)

I know I’m one of the few people who actually didn’t really care for this movie by James Cameron. Yes the experience was cool watching it in 3D IMAX but the movie itself wasn’t that good or complex due to the non-original story and lameness. I get it; only white men can save non-white indigenous people, in this case indigenous blue aliens. If I ever look at this movie again, it will simply be to test out my HDTV.

Better Replay Value – Aliens (Hell Yeah)