I pissed myself while reading these 3 stories created by Korean illustrator HORANG. Seriously, these webtoons really freaked me out. I literally jumped away from the computer screen at least one or twice during each story.

Ghost of Bongcheong-Dong, Ghost in Masung Tunnel and Ok-su Station Ghost play out as quick campfire ghost stories, even with their own jump-scares included.

If you like to be frightened, do yourself a favor and read these three short stories with the lights off!


ghost 1

Near midnight one evening, a Korean schoolgirl walks home from a long night of studying and is confronted by a strange woman.



A woman traveling to her hometown on a train awakens to discover they are in a never-ending tunnel where sinister things are happening.



A man waiting in a subway station mocks a seemingly drunk woman staggering around on the platform. Friends on social media inform him that all might not be what it seems…