To celebrate our 20th podcast, we’re gathering the fellas for another edition of Cypher Avenue’s Roundtable on Saturday, August 9th at 4pm EST! Our last Roundtable event was a big success and one of our most downloaded episodes.

For those unfamiliar, way back in December of 2013 we called out for 5 members of the site to call in on Skype and join founders Nick & Ocky for a No-Holds-Barred discussion on Dating and Relationships. We ended up with a great mix of guys who all contributed advice and personal stories to the discussion.

Here’s the problem though: We felt like many of the guys were holding back. They were too worried about being politically correct and judged for their true feelings.

This time around, we need guys at the Roundtable who won’t be afraid to go toe-to-toe with each other and keep the discussion lively not unlike many heated debates seen on The View.

We need fellas who will go hard in a debate like:

So if you’re an outspoken individual who’s not shy or afraid to voice your opinions, send an email with a brief reason why you should be included to with ROUNDTABLE in the subject line.

You don’t have to be a member of the site to get selected, but we definitely will be giving priority to those of you who are. If you’ve set up a profile on Cypher Avenue, include your user name (or the name used on your article comments) in the email so that we know who you are on the site.

The topic of this discussion will be: Media by and for Gay Men of Color, Representation in the Community, Gay Origin Stories and Much More!

Here’s the last Roundtable podcast:









00:00 – Intro

00:35 – Happy New Year

2:30 – Roundtable Guests Introduction

5:43  – The 15 Reasons You Are NOT Relationship Material

16:40 – Rox808’s take on how to be secure in dating

24:03 – Drewski, the youngest guest on the show, gives his take on the article

26:58 – Jonah encourages gay men to have a “Hoe Phase”

34:19 – Long Distance Relationships

35:38 – When did you shift from being a Hoe to wanting a Relationship?

42:35 – Do Self Esteem Issues and Insecurities get in the way of Dating?

50:25 – Are All Gay Black Men OBSESSED With Relationships?

58:05 – Our Parents Weren’t Perfect…Is Seeking A Perfect Relationship A Delusion?

1:01:00 – Is focusing on Career and Money instead of Dating a BAD thing?

1:06:00 – Why can’t you have sex or sexual contact on the first date? What’s the big deal?

1:21:56 – “Time Fillers” Dating men you have no intention of keeping

1:24:33 – Does MASCULINITY matter when choosing men to date?

1:32:33 – Wrapping Up & 2014 Outlooks