3-hrs-in-GAY-NYCHidden camera style exposés like Dateline NBC’s To Catch A Predator and ABCs What Would You Do have been around for years. These shows attempt to capture real life wrong doings, racism, sexism, hypocrisy etc. unbiased and unfiltered. Advancements in technology now means anyone with a hidden camera, computer access and an agenda can now expose perceived flaws in our society

On the heels of the much talked about and controversial 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman, there has been the not so serious copy cat satirical videos and those with a more serious tone. Enter 3 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Homosexual. At this point in life, I’m no longer shocked over the fresh hell of fuckeries that human beings vomit up on a daily basis. Let me pick through regurgitit (made up word) with a long pointy stick to highlight the fuckeries from this video.

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Is There A Real Purpose To This Video?
The video was made by Dennis Cee and Alan Scorsese. Looking at their catalog of videos, most are centered around pranks and cheap-shock-value laughs. I love dumb college guy prank humor so no offense there. I do feel this video was done for shock value and click bait while attempting to bring awareness to a serious subject. If we are talking about a real serious problem do the ends justify the means? Even with its flaws, in this case I feel they do.

I guess I have to take the word of Dennis and Alan. The state at the beginning they are attempting to bring awareness. Fair enough, but then they go onto use the term “dress as a homosexual.” From viewing comments on Youtube and social media sites, many question what does “dress as a homosexual” mean and many were offended by this description?

Let’s be honest and fair, many homosexual men do fall into a stereotype when it comes to body language, mannerism and style of dress. However being fair, many hetero/metrosexual men display effeminate body language and mannerisms also. Nonetheless the makers of this video choose to dress the actor in tight orange pants and a two sizes to small v-neck shirt, while carrying a Victoria Secrets bag, because in their minds, that’s how a homosexual man dresses. My first thought was really?…but then again I have seen similar outfits in person on gay men for years. This stereotype has and most likely will continue to exist in media and real life, so I’m not sure if I can truly fault the producers of the video for this. Whether masculine or feminine, homosexual men who don’t fit this stereotype will still be associated with it, which generalizes and further perpetuates a gay caricature.

The Double Standard
“Hello, Good Morning, How Are You?” were just a few of the non-sexual comments that were directed towards the actor in the 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman video. Skimming numerous articles, blog posts, feedback comments and listening to numerous news pundit talking heads after the video went viral, many posed the question, “why did the men have to say anything to the woman at all?” I asks the same question here, “why did the women in 3 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Homosexual have to say anything to the male actor at all?” Not only that, one young lady touches/caresses his arm. If in appearance, this is an obvious gay man to these women, what makes it okay for them to “cat call” and invade this man’s personal space? Putting it out there, why do some women think that if a man is gay they can touch him appropriately? Just like with domestic violence, sexual assaults and sexual harassment, there are double standards that continue to persist for men and women in our society.

Shit Just Got REAL
I have a feeling if this social video experiment was conducted at night, there would have been some serious problems. I feel the actor could have been in real danger if he encountered some of the same individuals. Unfortunately homosexuality and to a greater extent “gayness” is perceived as a weakness. Under the cover of darkness, some of what we see here could have easily escalated into psychical AND sexual assault. I think we also witness in the video some possible self-esteem or psychological ailments from some of the harassers. I say this because if you have to challenge a supposed weaker stranger on the street via intimidation and threats; then you’re attempting to compensate for some personal shortcomings. Similar to why it takes two or more bashers to beat up one gay dude.

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People (by inclusion gay people) come to New York from all over the world. To witness in board daylight a perceived gay man being harassed, called a faggot and borderline psychical assaulted is maddening. It sucks being the “glass have empty” guy when talking with friends about racism, classism and religion amongst other things but videos like this continues to prove that anti-gay sentiments are alive and thriving regardless of the amount of states LGBT people can get married in. Just because one may not personally experience an “ism or phobia” that doesn’t mean it’s not a serious and quality of life impacting concern for many others.

As a masculine SGL man, this is an experience I most likely would not encounter. Some may call it a component of masculine patriarchal privilege. Regardless if it’s only in my mind or with a friend, I observe and crack jokes or make fun of people every day. Yes looking at the actor in this video I would laugh at his pants and shirt but it would be to myself or spoken privately. No way would I say things out loud, be rude or disrespectful while in the recipient’s presence that would be considered harassment or bullying. In my mind, I don’t have the right to make someone feel uncomfortable, infringe on their personal space, or compromise their well-being. That is mean and hurtful. As to the video itself, The Walking Around While (fill in the blank) videos I fear are starting to become a fad. This could possibly cause the videos to lose effectiveness and in the process the seriousness of the actual message/s will be lost.