Yet another Black Gay Web Series has hit the web. Digging through our Submission inbox today we opened an email from upcoming Writer/Director Eddie Griffith that included a new Web Series Press Release.

The series being introduced is called, “Ken” which is described as one that examines Faith and Sexuality. Admittedly that’s an area that hasn’t been explored too much in great detail in the other gay Web Series and Films we’ve seen. Being a non-believer, I never had the conflicts of my sexuality with any religious beliefs, but a lot of men out there have so this may be very relatable for most in the Black gay community.

The attractive cast features both men and women and has crispy sound and visuals (no green Matrix tint!).

Here’s the synopsis:

KEN is a three-part dramedy about a young professional black man coming to terms with his sexuality and Christianity. The series brings front-and center the issues of sex, salvation and secrets for a millennial African-American man living in Brooklyn, who has feelings for two very different people. With a meticulous nature during production, Griffith brings multi-dimensional characters, real world storylines and witty dialogue to this exciting web series. The character “Ken” is complicated in the framework of Don Draper (“Mad Men”) and Walter White (“Breaking Bad”).


Interestingly enough, this series starts off much like Freefall did in its first episode: the morning after a hookup. Things go in a very different direction from there. Is it a more interesting direction? What are your thoughts on this episode?