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CA Podcast #67 – The “Night King Inappropriately Touched Me” Episode 

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy discuss Nick’s level of Pettiness, the Grammy Award Nominations, if Tyler the Creator is really Bisexual or is just being gay-vague to sell records, two Black brothers permanently changing their eye color, sexy teenagers who look like grown men, if Nick has a “Peter Pan Syndrome,” the four reasons HE may not be ready for YOU, why dating men is like binge watching TV shows, the four stage of a relationship and many more topics!

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Bisexual Pride Day – Did You Know About It? 

You know, a brutha tries to keep up with certain things regarding sexuality but there is only so much one can learn about everything that happens in this country, let alone the world! Certain social events, such as PRIDE-this or PRIDE-that need better promotion – that is, if the purpose of such events is to get better support, awareness and education among the masses

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Why Some Straight Men Are Romantically or Sexually Attracted to Other Men 

The following scenario happens many times: A man comes into my office, referred by his own therapist and clutching coming-out literature that the therapist has given him. He explains that his therapist has tried, unsuccessfully, to help him come out as gay or bisexual, but even though he’s had sex with other men or gone to gay porn websites, he insists that he isn’t gay