“Door Number One” is a short film on dating starring a few familiar web-series faces. Atlanta actors seen in the series “Steel River” (Cort King as Doug) and “T.R.A.D.E. It All” (Davien Harlis as Toure) have prominent roles here.

Doug spends his days and nights working diligently, dating and romance perpetually on the back burner. A random act of recognition linked to an unexplainable phenomena opens Doug’s mind to a world of new possibilities and unlimited passion. Blinded by his new obsession Doug doesn’t realize what is staring him right in the face.

While this short won’t be winning any awards any time soon, it at least tells the story in a unique way, adding a little fantasy to the narrative. One key line that stuck out for me is when friend Toure tells hopelssly single Doug to come to a house party with him: “My co-worker Vince is going to be there. He’s into Ninjas and Cartoons and SciFi and all that silly shit that you like. He’s Perfect. Well, for you.”

Yes, please. Doug sounds right up my alley. Too bad many guys like this don’t actually exist in the black gay community.

Another line, that stood out for me was the question that I often ask men on this very website who complain about being single and how to find a man:

“How do you ever expect to find a man if you’re always locked in this house?” 


How do you expect to sell something if you never advertise that it’s for sale?

Anyway, check out this 20 minute short film called “Door Number One.”