Kung Fury

Kung Fury is an amazing short film that gets high on mushrooms, after a night of heaving drinking and doing LSD bongs from the 80’s. Yep this is dripping retro nostalgia. Director David Sandberg gives us a Miami Vice / Kung Fu protagonist (Kung Fury) who goes on a time traveling mission to get revenge for his murdered police partner and defeat Adolf Hitler, a.k.a. “Kung Führer”.


What follows is 30 minutes of explosions, head explosions, Vikings, machines guns, killer video games, boobs and dinosaurs. There is even a portion where the screen goes all fuzzy and flashes a “tracking” message; a throwback to the old VCR VHS tapes. It’s easy to say this short doesn’t take itself too seriously but actually it takes itself very seriously at not being too serious, which in turn makes it serious. HA!


The final martial arts action sequence is executed masterfully and is reminiscent of playing or viewing an arcade fighting game with its flat 2D left to right view. Kung Fury’s red head ban even reminds you of Ryu from the Capcom Street Fighter game. Speaking of which, a 16-bit game app has been released titled Kung Fury: Street Rage for download.

This is an amazing short film and looks like it was super fun to create. Check out the full film below.


Cypher Avenue Rating: 4 of 5