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For those that missed it, one of our favorite rising MCs in the indie scene Chance The Rapper dropped a weirdly awesome short film about depression called, Mr Happy. The film, directed by Colin Tilley, marks Chance’s acting debut and he actually does a pretty decent job at it.

A constant complaint of black gay film here on Cypher Avenue has been that nearly all of the movies, shorts and web series are about looking for love, holding on to love or mourning the loss of a relationship. Rarely ever any variety in genre or storytelling.

This heterosexual short film Mr. Happy also tackles the human desire for companionship…but its done in a very dark, twisted and unique way.

The film follows the main character Victor (Chance The Rapper) who’s majorly depressed due to his feelings of loneliness. After several unsuccessful attempts at suicide, he finds an online service called Mr. Happy that will do the job for him (without notice) at a fee. Almost immediately after he hires them, he finds what could be the love he’s been waiting for, giving him buyer’s remorse for his recent purchase. Can he stop the deed from happening before the killer finds him?

Now let’s stop right there.

How many black LGBT films have you seen with this type of thriller/suspense premise built into the core?

For our money, this is a very dope short film that proves cinematic creativity can be accomplished on very low budgets.

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