Dating is a reoccurring theme here on Cypher Avenue. Where to find a man, how to get a man, how to keep a man, how to date a man, what type of man do I let climb up on my back, I’ve found a man is he relationship material, etc.

Notable the most frequent and most important of these questions is easily; how do I find a man of substance and quality?

Admittedly I’ve been in a relationship for over 6 years, which is longer than a lot of relationships and almost an eternity within the homo/bisexual community. In my pre-relationship days I communicated and met men via the internet with sites like BGC, Adam for Adam and Men4Now. Depending on who you ask, these sites along with apps like Grindr or Jack’d are only used for “hook ups.” Well, yes and no…I kinda feel they’re what you make it.

Even though I haven’t used a GSP based apps for meeting dudes and only used online sites, I still came across a couple of really cool people (who I may or may not of hooked up with) and established lasting friendships. I completely understand that when you’re searching for something more meaningful than a “hook up” using these sites and apps can be very frustrating, but be honest; if you aren’t new or “green” to dating, you have to know that already right?

I think it’s safe to say even with all the strides the LGBT movements have made over the years, many men still do their searching using technology more so than face to face interactions. Maybe we should broaden our technological nets in hopes of capturing more fish than those swimming in the standard go-to pools?

I accidentally came across the below sites by clicking on the “sponsored links” when reading a non-related story. Granted I personally haven’t signed up for any but I did read many of the reviews and understand how they came up with their rankings.

Me thinking about you, I decided to post them here so you can potentially add them to your dating search arsenals. They’re reposted from Top Ten Websites’ gay section. Links to each website are below.

dating sites

Also try out Black People Meet . BPM has a daily matching system to help save time while browsing.


Good Luck and Happy Searching!