WATCH: Premiere Episode of “Ghosts of Fort Greene” Web Series Starring Bry’Nt

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Apr 3 2018 | 2 Comments  

Freefall creator Lamont Pierre debuted his first new post-LGBT-community-retirement series “Ghosts of Fort Greene” starring current-LGBT-community-rapper Bry’Nt this week. Pierre serves as Producer, Director, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer on this 30+ minute premiere episode set in New York City.


Hop (Bry’nt) and Skip (William Perry) are long time friends in Fort Greene. Their stories are told through flashbacks…or maybe not…its a mystery because the filmmaker is an “artist.” In this too darkly filmed series, the audience is left wondering what in the heck did they just watch after each episode.





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  1. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus-Brooks | April 10th, 2018
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    Jai | April 11th, 2018

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