WATCH: Rapper Earthtone Remixes Kendrick Lamar in “Seedless”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Aug 22 2015 | 2 Comments  

EarthTone - Seedless-2

Cypher Avenue’s G.O.A.T. (and Octavius Williams’ favorite rapper ever, ever) Earthtone will be coming to Atlanta on Sunday September 6th to perform at the 2015 Pure Heat Community Festival at Piedmont Park. There’s a good chance that we’ll all be there to support and represent the Atlanta Squad Members.

Until then, check out a recent music video from the artist called “seedless,” a track off of the “New Balance” Mixtape. Earthtone spits staccato-like bars over the beat to Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me.”

The song never tries to be more than what it is, a track to smoke and vibe out to…

I don’t know if its the use of a familiar beat or Earthtone’s attractive “regular guy” wife-beater swag depicted in the music video, but the song actually works for me….and I haven’t smoked trees in over 15 years.

Its still very refreshing that Earthtone has continued to resist the urge to switch up his style in order to get the boys to twerk their bussys in a gay club. Makes me even more curious to see what his on-stage performance will be like in September and how the gay (fem/trans/lesbian) audience will respond to him.

EarthTone - Seedless

EarthTone - Seedless4

EarthTone - Seedless-1

EarthTone - Seedless-3

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  1. V /.\ N I T Y | August 24th, 2015

    Love it!! Has a nice chill vibe

  2. UmadeMeGaySouthAfrica | August 25th, 2015

    I’ve been following EarthTone ever since I found out about him here on Cypher Avenue. And I’m feeling him and what he does.

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