The Black Boy and The Tree is a cerebral story written & directed by Shikeith, that follows a black man played by Michael Oloyede, into the woods where he attempts to convince a black boy to come down from a dangerous tree he has made his home. Oloyede’s emotional performance examines the boy’s reason for taking up post in the tree; while the narrator’s rustic accent gives a sense you’re listening to an old African proverb.

Shikeith creates photos, installation, sculpture, media art and films. His first solo exhibition ‘Ode to Black’ was held at the Paul Robeson Cultural Center at The Pennsylvania State University, where he studied art and received several awards including The Leslie P. Greenhill scholarship for Photography.

His below sculpture installation titled The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it features a soulful rendition of Over the Rainbow playing in the back ground. This makes for a very haunting and passionate piece.