Today’s news of the Supreme Court of the United States turning away appeals from five states seeking to prohibit same-sex marriages set the stage for same-sex marriage to soon be legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia.

This means tons of Gay Weddings are on the horizon. Gay Weddings that will need official wedding songs catered specifically to them (ie: using the proper pronouns). When it comes to this music, there seems to be a black hole.

Rising Gay personality Larry “Phylle” Carter is seeking to fill that hole (no pun intended).


Many of you may know Carter as one of the stars of the YouTube reality show The Boyz Next Door (admittedly, a series we aren’t huge fans of).

The Atlanta resident is also legally married himself and was featured in our Who’s Who Guide to Black Gay Couples in the Media earlier this year (Editors Note: The man featured in the photos with Phylle here is an actor, not his real life partner).


Unbeknownst to us, he also happens to be a very talented singer and has debuted a song celebrating male Same Gender Love called, “I Love Him.”

Bearing a striking sonic resemblance to Chris Brown on this song, Carter does an impressive job at producing a quality future anthem for Gay Weddings everywhere, regardless of race. You can’t help but listen to this track and imagine it being played as the grooms are dancing or played as the cake is being cut.


Turns out, there is a full length music video in the works as well. A teaser Trailer was released this morning:

This is a really dope song created by a very talented openly gay artist…and it doesn’t stop there. Turns out Phylle already has a hoard of great R&B music available.

For the first time, we VERY critical media reviewers here at Cypher Avenue can actually vouch for an openly gay R&B singer!

Produced long before this new single, Phylle’s debut album “The Coming” is currently available on iTunes.

cover 1

If you want to hear more of Larry “Phylle” Carter’s music or support the artist by purchasing “I Love Him” or his full length debut album, head on over to his website for old content HERE or his CD Baby page for the new ish HERE.