CNN may have the missing Malaysian plane to obsess over, but we here at Cypher Avenue are fascinated with the prejudice and disdain displayed by Black Gay Men over a handful of interracial couples in the media recently.

This is especially surprising because, for the most part, the criticism has been based on what people are saying is a lack of black-on-black love being displayed in the media. As if these black openly gay men haven’t already done enough for representation by coming out publicly. As if a few popular black gay men dating white guys makes them inferior or “less than”.

“Disturbing Trend”

“Disproportionate Representation”

“I’m just like….. EWWWWWW”

These were just a few comments from black gay men posted on Cypher Avenue.

Why the disdain for white gay men?

The (closeted) black gay men that are calling Openly gay ground-breakers Michael Sam and Derrick Gordon “sell outs” on Facebook and twitter, are they actually just Bitter Bigots? Are they merely just thirsty gays wishing they could date a famous “wealthy” gaylebrity athlete?

The reason I say this is because we have seen MANY recent examples of Black-on-Black gay love in the media. We’ve posted many of them on this website. What other reason could explain why outraged black gay men are choosing to ignore them?

To highlight this point even more, in the following post we’re listing TWO examples of black gay couples that have been in the media for every ONE black interracial couple that has sparked outrage amongst black gays.

Interracial Couple #1. Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano

After years of dating, this awesome couple shared an historic moment together when Michael Sam officially became the first openly gay football player drafted into the NFL.


Black Couple #1: Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear

Together for over 17 years, these creators of the black gay television series The D.L. Chronicles recently married on the Grammy Awards to an audience of over 30 million people during Macklemore’s Same Love performance.

Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett

Black Couple #2: Octavius Terry and Jamal Sims

One is a wardrobe stylist/photographer, the other is a director/choreographer. They both are gay socialites in Hollywood who have no hesitation in showing off their extravagant lifestyles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They were also officially married on the CBS broadcast of the Grammy Awards to an audience of over 30 million people.


Interracial Couple #2: Derrick Gordon and Gerald McCollough

Black gays painted themselves when they saw the photos of 22 year old NCAA basketball player Derrick Gordon on the GLAAD Awards Red Carpet with 47 year old white actor Gerald McCullough. Although the couple (who had been corresponding for years) looked happy, many black gays were pressed and upset.


Black Couple #3: Kordale and Kaleb

The Hetero Black Internet had a simultaneous aneurysm when the photo of Kordale and Kaleb brushing a little girl’s hair began spreading online. Many black gays applauded the young couple, yet for some reason those same gays are now forgetting that they even exist at all.


Black Couple #4: Gee Session-Smalls and Juan Session

Friends of Cypher Avenue, the Sessions eloped in October 2009 and were the first black gay male couple to be featured on the HGTV series House Hunters. Since then they’ve hosted upscale social events in Atlanta and provide relationship advice on their popular LoveWorks website and YouTube series.


Interracial Couple #3: Jason Collins and Brunson Green

Although very private about his private life, openly gay NBA player Jason Collins eventually confirmed that he is dating Oscar nominated film producer Brunson Green. He also spent 8 years with his Caucasian college sweetheart and ex-fiance Carolyn Moos.


Black Couple #5: Dr. Ravi Perry and Paris Prince

Although the publication has now moved entirely to digital, Jet Magazine made history by featuring this black gay couple in their decades long wedding series in the December 10 2012 issue. Black heteros everywhere were just as outraged as black gays have been in reaction to the interracial couples.


Black Couple #6: DJ Baker and Eric J. Parker

Another friend of Cypher Avenue, openly gay Internet radio host DJ Baker has been hosting Da Doo Dirty Show, “The Longest Running LGBT-Geared Daily Urban Syndicated Radio Program,” for as long as we can remember. His show is a fixture in the black gay community giving us exclusive interviews with LGBT personalities as well as introducing the masses to many openly gay Rap and R&B artists. He’s been in a relationship with Eric J. Parker for over 5 years now and he regularly talks about their love and struggles on his show.


Interracial Couple #4: Shaun T and Scott Blokker

This hot married couple is smoking hot. No seriously. Its not even fair how great these guys look together. Everyone knows six-packed Shaun T of the “Insanity” workout videos. His husband Scott Blokker is no slouch himself, making the abs count equal an even dozen in their household.



Black Couple #7: Robert Brown and Nathanael Gay

This attractive black gay couple gave many black heterosexual Greeks ulcers when they released the video to their Crimson and Cream themed wedding. Many people called it a Gay Kappa Wedding because of Nate’s affiliation with the fraternity. They became a Twitter Trending Topic with the wedding video gaining more than 680,000 views. The couple subsequently appeared in interviews on websites like The Huffington Post and Ebony to squash the outrage from heterosexuals.

Robert and Nate


Black Couple #8: David Harris & Tre’Darrius Anderson

Speaking of wedding videos, teenagers David Harris & Tre’Darrius Anderson made history by becoming one of the youngest couples to ever get gay married back in January of 2013. Their wedding was featured on the Slice TV series, My Teenage Wedding. They’re still together and have since become advocates for making gay marriage legal nationwide.


We’re only halfway through the list and the only “disturbing trend” I see is that the black gay couples seem to be getting LEGALLY MARRIED a whole lot more than their interracial counterparts…So far the count is 6 married black-on-black gay couples to have been featured prominently in the media…yet there’s “Disproportionate Representation” between interracial and black gay couples?!

But wait, there’s more!