Godzilla - Extended Look [HD]-1

First off, I don’t normally like giant monster movies. The Godzilla movies in particular never appealed to me. This includes Mothra and Gamera too. They all sucked. The monsters looked cheesy and the stories were lame.

Lately, however, the advancements in visual effects and Computer Generated Imagery has made me change this prejudice. Also, the screenplays have gotten much better.

The 2006 Korean horror film The Host was one of the first films to get me cised about big monsters again. It was creative, clever, funny and scary with a great story and special effects.


Next was the 2007 film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist. Again, a pretty cool and creative take on films about giant monsters destroying a town or city.


Then came the 2008 American horror film Cloverfield, produced by J. J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost). I really enjoyed this one too. It was a very creative, thrilling and believable “found footage” version of a typical Monster apocalypse.


On the low budget independent film front, filmmaker Gareth Edwards made a very impressive giant monster movie in 2010 called Monsters. This film creatively took place years after giant monsters had invaded the globe, forcing the humans to create quarantined areas in Mexico and South America…areas that our lead characters needed to travel through to get back to America.


Lastly was the 2011 release of J. J. Abrams’ homage to Steven Spielberg, Super 8. While not perfect, the film still was effective in telling a realistic story about a giant creature terrorizing a community.


Best of all, these monster movies started to focus more on the characters running from the creature, instead of just the destruction that the creature creates in its wake.

Everything was looking up until the 2013 release of Pacific Rim. A god-awful movie about nothing but giant robots and massive destruction. This movie managed to wipe clean the good will that giant monster movies had built up over the last decade. Even with the suave, sexiness of Idris Elba as eye candy.

Pacific Rim

I was done.

What I didn’t know was the indie film writer/director of the 2010 film Monsters had already been tapped to remake the original Japanese Godzilla film. The one that started it all. The good one. The one that actually included a little science with the fiction.

Godzilla - Extended Look [HD]

Not much was revealed in the original Teaser Trailer released for the 2014 remake of Godzilla. But this new Extended Trailer shows us we’re in for a pretty epic, emotional, well-researched, realistic story once the we see it unleashed on the big screen.

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston takes the lead, the film actually takes place in Japan, the special effects look great…So far I’m along for the ride. For all of the fellow Cypher Avenue scifi geeks out there, check out the new trailer and share your thoughts below!